4 Major On-page SEO Factors that Still Work for Better Ranking

As much as we might hate to hear new things constantly springing up in the SEO world, we just have to comply with the few we can, in order to enjoy some level of success with our websites – and their rankings. Especially the ones we can easily handle, like on-page SEO. As a web…

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highly effective web content

Top 5 Qualities of Highly Effective Website Content

Web writing is in so many ways different from other forms of writing. It has its own specific purpose – which is to grab the attention of the web user and move her to take a desired action, despite the army of distractions that abound online – and it has advanced over the years to…

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email unsubscribes

The Fear of the “Unsubscribe”: How to Never Bother About Email Unsubscribes But Maintain a Healthy List

Do you also get disappointed when someone unsubscribes from your email list? Or are you also afraid and always praying you don’t get notifications of email unsubscribes? I’m using the word “also” because it’s a fear I have too. It’s a fear most marketers and business people have. Nobody who puts effort into creating (fair-enough) content…

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The Place of Social Media in Effective Sales Funnels

I was invited as a speaker in the Ibadan Social Media Summit 2016 (organized by SparkConect), that was held in — of course — Ibadan, Nigeria, and I spoke on the topic: The Place of Social Media in Effective Sales Funnels. I later thought it’d be nice to post same topic on my blog — a…

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How to Write an Online Advertorial that Sells – in 12 Steps

Advertorial is a word that is formed from two different words; “advertisement” and “editorial.” It’s a more subtle form of advertisement that takes an editorial form, and it usually adopts the style of the platform on which it’s being used. And that’s the distinguishing factor between advertorials and traditional advertisements. Advertorials have been used as…

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how to create an editorial calendar

The 16-Step Guide to Creating an Editorial Calendar to Boost Your Blogging Productivity

It’s no news; blogging is no longer an option for any business that wants to grow in this present day. It’s a no-brainer – a necessary tool in any business’ marketing arsenal. It’s a vital part of your content marketing you can’t avoid. And content marketing is a key part of digital marketing you can’t…

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Digital Disruption: How the Internet has Changed Media Buying — and How to Key In

You’ve probably heard the term digital disruption countless times. Or you’ve probably not heard it before. Anyways, I’d like to talk a bit on what this concept is, as it touches on this post’s discussion. SearchCIO defines digital disruption as the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of…

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The Rule of One: The Simplest Form of Conversion Optimization You Could Do for Your Business

Firstly, let’s get on the same page here. What is conversion optimization? Conversion Optimization – or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – is the process of increasing the amount of desired action (conversion) you’re getting from an asset. This could be increasing the number of visitors that convert to leads on your landing page; or increasing…

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The Simplest Guide to Writing an About Page That Works

By now, I believe you know you can’t do business successfully in today’s world without a website. However, a website isn’t something you just slap together for the sake of having one. You must be intentional about your website and make it purposeful. One of the ways to do so is ensuring all your web…

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How To Write a Quality 500-Word Article in Under 20 Minutes

This post was originally published on my former blog, One question I’ve been asked a lot lately is how to create content. This is mainly because I preach content marketing a lot (yes, Its Royal Majesty, Content remains king), and content is a huge part of the social selling strategy I teach (in my…

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