Let Us Set Up Your Own Money-Making Information Marketing Business for You!

We will Train You and Then Build Your Business for You. You Will Go Back Home with A Brand-New Business that Will Start Bringing You Profits Immediately.

Have you attended business seminars, bought courses, read books, etc, and yet you can’t boast of a business that is bringing you a steady income online?

Then this page is the most important thing you will read on the internet this year!

I was with my mentor, Otunba Akin Alabi, founder of NairaBET, sometime in November, and while we were discussing we got to the topic of why people fail in business.

He complained that he sees a lot of brilliant youths suffering on their entrepreneurial journey, especially those that chose the online route.

And it hurts him because he had his success from this same internet platform, even when things weren’t as easy as they are now.

Then he said he thinks the reason is that, even though people learn a lot and go to any extent to get the right information…they fail at the implementation stage, either because they can’t implement, or they implement the wrong way.

And unfortunately, no “expert” or “guru” has the time to implement for anybody; you just have to figure out how to do it successfully by yourself.

A game-changing epiphany!

Then it hit me…

What if people get real help from the experts that teach them?!

Not someone teaching them all over again…but someone helping them implement?

And I don’t mean a coach…

I mean…someone getting their hands dirty and setting the business up for them from scratch to finish…and just hands a complete, running, sure-to-succeed business over to them?

This can really change the game.

We’d have more successful people…even the lazy ones. Because they wouldn’t have to lift a finger as everything would be automated even after setting it up for them.

My mentor said that would be too much work, and most people wouldn’t be able to afford the price – because anyone offering that would be charging millions (heck, he did a N1.8m seminar that sold out, without any promise to help anyone build their business).

Then I asked…what if I volunteer to help people that want an extra (or full) income online build their businesses and not charge them for it?

Boss looked at me like I was crazy, but I knew what I was saying…

The easiest and fastest way to make money online today, just as in the past, is information marketing. That is, teaching other people what you know for a fee – whether it’s through a book or video or seminar or a full course…or even coaching.

And as a content marketing specialist, information marketing is one business I can easily and confidently build out for anyone, with some guarantee of success.

A Money-Making Army!

Otunba Akin Alabi is one of the most successful internet and information marketers in Nigeria; in fact, he pioneered an entire billion-dollar sports betting industry in Nigeria with his company, NairaBET, which started as a result of one successful information product – an eBook.

So, I told him: if he can agree to help me to train people on setting up a successful and profitable information marketing business, I and my team at RenegadeCommerce will help those people create their information product and then set up the entire business for them (in line with Otunba's teachings).

He laughed at the idea…but he agreed.

He is tired of training people without seeing results, so he was willing to see the results this new style would yield. Plus, I’m a result of his teachings, so he has faith in me.

So he decided to support the vision with his time, his resources (like his seminar room at NairaBET HQ), his friends (heavy-lifters in the industry) and his team!

In between us, we have an army of digital strategists, marketers, content writers, copywriters, graphics designers, web developers, programmers, advertising specialists, lead generators, videographers and video editors, and every other skill required to successfully build ANY business.

Yes…I’m collaborating with Otunba Akin Alabi to train you and create a complete turnkey, ready-to-ship businesses for you…

I assure you that letting experienced and successful people build your business for you is now the KEY to making an unlimited income (money) online without stress, but it's ONLY available to you through what I've tagged the Information Business Setup Workshop!

This is different from anything else you’ve seen!

Sure you’ve read books, bought courses, attended seminars, hired coaches, etc in the past…

This is different however…

The Information Business Setup Workshop is the first and ONLY package in Nigeria that involves established experts and successful business owners not just training you, but building out your entire business for you.

For two (2) good days, you’ll get direct knowledge of the internet and information marketing business from one of the most successful players in this part of the world.

And secondly, you’ll get your information business completely built out for you to start earning money immediately.

Is this for real?! 😲

No kidding!

This package is for real.

And your success in the business is guaranteed.

What makes me so sure?

We are putting everything we know and stand for behind this package. It would be like me collaborating with Otunba Akin Alabi and a few other information business experts to launch a new business…then dashing you!

So Who am I?

My name is Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, people and results have claimed that I’m one of the best digital marketers and copywriters in Nigeria.

  • I run a digital agency with top clients and track records (juicy results) – I’ve been handling NairaBET content marketing for over 2 years now (now you see why he really trusts me)
  • I’ve been featured on Entrepreneur.com, ThriveGlobal, EcommerceNation, etc, and have been lucky to do content for top global companies like Shopify, BlueHost, Oberlo, SweetProcess, etc.
  • I built a new business in the skincare industry from scratch to over 20,000 email subscribers + over 12,000 social media fans in one year on low budget, and I used N1.6m in FB/IG ads to make back over N8m in the process
  • I organized sold-out seminars, like one back in 2016 that got appearances from Otunba Akin Alabi, Jason Njoku of IrokoTV, the comedian Craze Clown (Dr. Craze), Ronald Nzimora, Toyin Omotosho, Tunde Ajetumobi, etc.
  • I appeared as a speaker in YECO (Youth Enterprise Conference) 2019, held in Ibadan.

So I understand and have profited from internet and information marketing, have worked with a lot of clients and students in their own businesses, and have successfully built businesses from scratch too.

Who else should help you build your information business, if not a content and digital marketing expert with a great track record?!

Who are the other successful information marketing experts you'll be learning from?

Ronald Nzimora


One of my favourite mentors, top copywriter in Nigeria and CEO of Profit Marketing Systems Limited, an internet publishing and marketing consulting firm.

He's also one of the earliest information marketers in Nigeria.

His book "Sell Your Brain", a book on how to sell information, sold out so fast that at a time you couldn't find any paperback copy for sale anywhere. Talk about walking your talk!

Toyin Omotosho

Co-founder of Profit Marketing Systems Limited, Toyin Omotosho has also made a lot of money from selling information, from as far back as 2010.

Recently, apart from publishing the book "Where the Money is in 2018", his Facebook Advertising course became an instant hit.

See, these are people you want to meet and learn from; they've been there and done that!

And finally, the Boss himself, who graciously agreed to create time out of his busy schedule to dish out his best information marketing secrets to us at the workshop...

Otunba Akin Alabi

  • Akin Alabi is undoubtedly one of the most successful internet and information marketers in Nigeria
  • Became a multi-millionaire over a decade ago from selling information
  • Launched NairaBET and pioneered the billion-dollar sports betting industry in Nigeria, as a result of just one wildly successful information product
  • He’s held countless sold-out seminars, including a N1.8million-per-attendee seminar that sold out in April 2019.
  • He organizes the Youth Enterprise Conference (YECO) every year, and the venues are always shut down – with as much as over 6,000 attendees per event
  • His book, Small Business Big Money became an instant best-seller and has sold thousands of copies worldwide…

Let me just stop there!

The fact that we will be enjoying this man's presence on Friday is more than enough reason for anyone to attend...not to talk of learning what works for him and how he finds it so easy to sell information.

Information paid my first rent!

I remember back in 2015 when I left my father’s house and chambers (yea, I’m a lawyer too) and started squatting with a friend, I wrote an eBook, Copy that Sells, teaching people how to write sales copy.

My first ever eBook for sale, 2015

I then wrote my own sales copy to sell the eBook.

I sold only through my contacts (majorly BBM and friends sharing for me), and this book paid my first rent ever – a comfy apartment I later married my wife into – and sustained me financially for that period of my life.

That’s the power of selling information.

Wish I was as knowledgeable as I am now; I would have built an email list around it, just like Otunba Akin Alabi advised me back then, and maybe sold it via ads.

But I was only focusing on survival at the time.

I’ve sold several eBooks, seminars and personal coaching packages afterwards.

And I can authoritatively tell you this: Information marketing is indeed the shortest cut to financial freedom!

And I want to make it even easier for you and reduce your chances of failure to ZERO, when you attend the Information Business Setup Workshop.

Why you’ve not succeeded yet

If you tried but still don’t have a successful internet or information marketing business by now, I want you to understand that it’s not your fault at all.

No joking...

There is a lot of misinformation out there and fake experts that just want to milk you off your hard-earned cash.

The true test of expertness is when you tell the teacher to do what he teaches.

You aren’t the one asking us now: We are the ones inviting you: come around; let us show you the insider secrets and build your info business for you.

Let been-there-done-that experts reduce your chance of failure by a HUGE percentage.

Stop trying to do it all on your own…(most people do it wrongly anyway!)

Imagine someone like Akin Alabi, that has made hundreds of millions of Naira from just information marketing only, teaching you and using his wealth of experience and resources (team, connections and tools) to build and launch your info marketing business for you!

That is the shortest cut to success I’ve seen anywhere.

Only A Select Few Though!

But this is definitely not for everybody. Sorry.

Our names and reputations are at stake here. So, we need to carefully select who we work with.

This package will be for just 50 people; that’s how many people the seminar room at NairaBET HQ can contain.

And that’s how many people we can help one-on-one to build their business; it’s a whole lot of work, sure you can imagine!

Of course, you can imagine how much it’d cost on a normal day to make someone like Akin Alabi build your business for you: it would cost IMPOSSIBLE NAIRA…because it wouldn’t happen – that’s even if you find him now sha.

So, this is basically your ONLY opportunity to let us help you build your business, at just a fraction of what it should cost. (You’d most likely make your investment back within the first week of attending the workshop, if you’re aggressive.)

How would this go?

Unlike most information seminars or packages that mostly lead to failure, this is a 2-day workshop where you attend and not just learn from the best in the industry...

...but you also leave with a completely built-out information business and everything you need to market it.

Therefore, you have no other choice but to succeed (start making money immediately, if your ads go live same day)!

Here is what you get for attending The Information Business Setup Workshop:

  1. Information Marketing Masterclass – Valued at – don’t worry, we won’t charge N1.8m this time – $2,000 (N700,000)
  2. One-on-one “Information Extraction” Session (to help you figure out your topic and every other info needed to set up your business for you) – A one-on-one with the both of us and our teams –  N1,500,000
  3. Create your information product for you – Valued at $1,250 (N437,500)
  4. Create your new info website for you – Valued at N150,000
  5. We’ll set up your money pages – an opt-in page for you where you’ll generate leads (potential buyers), your sales page, order/payment page, thank you pages, etc – Value covered under website above.
  6. We provide content for your website (the money pages) – Valued at N180,000
  7. Graphics for your website and pages – Valued at N65,000
  8. We set up your email marketing and lead-generation system – Valued at N160,000
  9. We’ll set up your autoresponder, with the necessary email copy (series of 5 emails) – Valued at $500 (N175,000)
  10. We’ll write your sales letter (like the one you’re currently reading) – Valued at $1,200 (N420,000)
  11. We’ll integrate a payment processor for you so you can collect money automatically on your new website – Valued at N20,000
  12. We’ll write your ad copy in a way that’s proven to convert and pass Facebook’s approval (3 different ads) – Valued at N150,000 (50k per ad)
  13. We’ll create your ad image or video (also in compliance with Facebook, IG and Google’s policies) – 3 images Valued at N75,000 (video is far more expensive)

Phewwww…I’m tired of typing…

WOAH…You’ll be getting value worth N4,032,500…over N4m…when you attend the Information Business Setup Workshop!!

Jeez! Even me is salivating. Can’t imagine having this kind of offer when I just started out – my success story would have been earlier…and sweeter!

What’s the value of a successful business to you?

So…let me ask you...

…if you have just one successful information business completely set up for you…overseen by successful business owners…and worked on by about eight (8) professionals (strategists, writers, graphics designers, copywriters, web designers, developers, etc)…in a way that is sure to guarantee instant income flow…

...what would it be worth to you?

How much would you pay to have that one successful business?

You can probably see why people pay millions to learn from successful people and get help with their businesses…because it’s really not a cost; it’s an INVESTMENT!

You’ve already seen how this package is easily worth N4million.

And even at N2m, it would still be a great deal (considering that attendees of Otunba’s 1.8m seminar didn’t even get 10% of what you’re getting here).

But because we want to help a lot of people…I’m going to place this package permanently at $1,600 (N560,000).

Fair, right?


Just because this is the first time we are doing this, I think you should enjoy some more generosity. Don’t you think so too?

Let me shock you…

If you pay between today and this Thursday (19th December 2019), or if you’re amongst the first 50 people to pay…you’ll get the complete Information Business Package (workshop plus setup) at half price…

…just N280,000!

Click the button below to get in fast!

reserve your spot

Or if you want to pay into an account, send your payment to the account details below:

Renegade Ventures

Once you make your payment, send your proof of payment and your full name to this number via WhatsApp or text: 08080808116.

You'll get a reply with a link to register for the Information Business Setup Workshop. (It's automatic if you pay online.)

I bet the whole 50 slots would be mopped up today!! If you click the payment button and the payment page is still open, then you’re still in luck.

Hurry now and click the button (or send in your payment details). Fastest fingers first!

NOTE: It would take time to sit with you to extract information and get an idea what to sell, create your information product, create your creatives (graphics, copy, etc), set up your website and funnel, set up your ads and creatives, and so on.

So even though we are taking just 50 people, the business building part is first-come-first-served -- according to when each person registered. So I hope you see this very fast and be among the first people to get their business ready and running.

Click the button below fast -- or send in your payment details fast (if they don't reply you on time, call the number to hurry them so you're not at the back of the queue!)

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Obviously not for everybody

If you think 280k is too much to spend 2 days with me, Otunba Akin Alabi, and successful Nigerian internet marketers like Ronald Nzimora and Toyin Omotosho (and some others you’ll meet on Friday), and make us and our teams work hard for you, please close this page immediately.

This deal is just as good as free.

Every dime is going into paying all the professionals involved in building your business for you, and we can’t even pay them in full at this price…they’ll also be sacrificing towards your success.

So, you’re basically attending a FREE workshop, getting FREE consultation with me, Akin Alabi, our friends and our teams, and then paying HUGE discounts to get your business set up and running.

SO…I repeat…if you think 280k is expensive for this…please leave this page immediately. Let those who understand true value come instead.

You can come back when you see the results they get and the package is back to its normal price of 560k…or even more (and that’s if this ever happens again).

BUT if you understand the value of what you're about to get, and are ready to stop struggling on your own to build businesses that don't work, then click the button below now:

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Prefer to Pay or Transfer to a Bank Account?

Then here are the details below:

Acc. Name: Renegade Ventures

Bank: UBA

Acc. Number: 2105685300

After payment of N280,000, kindly send your name and teller (or transaction) number to 08080808116 (or send a screenshot via WhatsApp), and you’ll receive a link to register for the workshop as soon as your payment is confirmed.

For any inquiries, please contact 08080808116 (WhatsApp preferable).


I can hear someone shout: “Ah, bonus after all this?!!!”

Yes, Bonus…I love action takers…and our goal is to set a lot of youths financially free in this country.

For the first 20 people to pay…We’ll set up your first Facebook ads for you, to make sure it gets approved, it converts and you start making money immediately – Valued at N150,000 per month, for as long as the ad is running.

(I recently used just N30,000 to generate an opt-in list of 101 interested parents for a school client in Ikorodu, and also doubled their JSS1 registration this year by 100% over last year… with just 30k. So you can imagine what you’re getting as bonus!)

Let’s assume you run this ad for just 6 months, that’s another 900k bonus right there.

Hahaha…we will definitely make heaven in the afterlife… Giving you 5m worth of services at just N280,000.

We obviously can’t offer this kinda package again (that’s even if I’m able to get hold of these billionaires again).

So, for you…it’s NOW or NEVER!

reserve your spot

For any inquiries, please contact 08080808116 (WhatsApp preferable).

(Don’t let all the slots be taken up by our past students and seminar attendees. They’re the ones that’ll value this most. So hurry now before they beat you to it!!)

Workshop starts on Friday, 20th December 2019.

You’ll get more details after payment.

See you at the NairaBET Headquarters on Friday; it’ll be fun!

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu,
Founder, RenegadeCommerce.com

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P.S: We've discovered that letting experienced and successful business owners help you build your own business is the key to easily and speedily succeeding online.

And the only place you can get this is at the Information Business Setup Workshop.

Even if you attend the workshop without any idea, you'll be leaving the workshop with a new business that will start making you profits immediately.

If you don't have your own business, this is the shortest cut to becoming a successful business owner, without any stress of setting the business up. WOW!

Click the button below so you don't miss out on this rare opportunity!

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Prefer to Pay or Transfer to a Bank Account?

Then here are the details below:

Acc. Name: Renegade Ventures

Bank: UBA

Acc. Number: 2105685300

After payment of N280,000, kindly send your name and teller (or transaction) number to 08080808116 (or send a screenshot via WhatsApp), and you’ll receive a link to register for the workshop as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this workshop package for?


  1. People too busy to run a side business that generates an extra income (professionals, full-time employees, business owners, etc)
  2. New entrepreneurs – Anyone that desires to start an online business, and is looking for the easiest, simplest and most profitable business to do.
  3. Students (who have the money to invest in themselves) who’d like a business that wouldn’t affect their studies. (A graduating student of OAU, Bolaji, attended Otunba Akin Alabi’s N1.8m seminar, and he doesn’t have a rich father!)
  4. Anyone who has ever failed in information marketing or internet business generally.
  5. Basically, anyone looking to make an extra income or launch a new profitable business towards 2020
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Q: What if I’m too busy to attend the workshop , can I still benefit from this package?


While it’s in your best interest to attend the workshop live (so that you’re not running a business you don’t even understand), we can still find a way to help people too busy to attend.

Once you book your slot, you get automatic access to the recording of the entire workshop. (It will never be sold to anyone else…only buyers of this package get their recording.)

You also get the setup package. Yes, we’ll still set up your information business for you. We only might have to do your “information extracting” session over phone or video call.

But it’s best to attend live. It’s an opportunity to ask us and our teams ANY question!

reserve your spot

Q: Is there a payment plan (can I deposit now and pay later)?


Nope! Maybe there’ll be a next batch. Maybe. You can start saving towards it.

Only full payment guarantees entry to the workshop or access to the set-up package.

By now you already know this would sell out. If a N1.8m seminar attracts over 20 people (that was what the conference room could contain) without any promise of building their business for them, what then is 50 people for a 280k package?!

I guarantee you it would sell out today. You’d be lucky to still be able to claim your slot by the time you finish reading this letter.

So you have just two choices: Do nothing and nothing would change: still keep struggling to create a successful internet business by yourself in the next few years…

OR…click the button below and join us now to boost your financial status immediately, so 2019 can end with a bang and 2020 can be all-balling for you and your loved ones.

Whatever decision you make…it doesn’t affect us negatively…we’ll keep creating new millionaires and making our own millions (or billions…hehe) too!

reserve your spot

Prefer to Pay or Transfer to a Bank Account?

Then here are the details below:

Acc. Name: Renegade Ventures

Bank: UBA

Acc. Number: 2105685300

After payment of N280,000, kindly send your name and teller (or transaction) number to 08080808116 (or send a screenshot via WhatsApp), and you’ll receive a link to register for the workshop as soon as your payment is confirmed.