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The Social Selling Bundle:

EVERYTHING You Need to Successfully Sell Your Products and Services With Social Media

What Would More Profits Mean to Your Business in this Current Economy? Learn How to Truly Sell Your Products/Services with Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Sites…Instead of Wasting Time on Tactics that Don’t Work.

Dear Friend,

If you've been around RenegadeCommerce for a while, you'll know we are pretty young, but we also have enjoyed some success.

It's celebration galore here since we just clocked a year (officially) this month. reward you, our dear loyal follower, customer, client...we've decided to bundle the best of our best products together for you at *almost* no cost.

More about that soon...


Are you also wondering:

There must be a way to generate MEASURABLE sales and ROI (return on investment) from social media…”?

It's good that you know your business needs to be "social." These days it's no longer an option. Facebook and Twitter profiles are as essential for business in 2016 as the website was in 2005.

And so you do the right thing...

You setup a Facebook page…

...and a Twitter handle…

...and maybe even a YouTube channel…

...and, if you’re a business professional, you're probably on LinkedIn, too...

...maybe even Instagram if you're trendier.

Then you spend so much time building followers and engaging them – as they say…

…you even spend money on ads, or totally outsource your social media management to a “social media guru” or agency…

…maybe you’ve even paid for your brand to “trend”…

You’ve done everything that seems reasonable on social media – as far as business is concerned…

So I understand your frustration if you are not actually making money from your social media efforts. 

I understand how bad it feels when you can’t directly tie revenue to your time and money investment in social media…

…I can relate to how bad you look to your client or boss or team – or even to yourself – just because you can’t deliver desired results from your social media activities…

I understand…because I’ve been there too. You can’t imagine.

And it’s not just me and you…I’ve heard many other people complain.

It’s a common problem…in fact; only few (lucky?) people actually get this social media thingy right, in terms of business.

Only few people really understand it’s not about tweeting 5 times a day or “trending” on Twitter for one week…or about getting thousands of followers and hundreds of “likes” – or even just about paid ads.

Only few people know and do those things that really matter and produce results – consistent sales and leads – on social media.

And they protect this knowledge jealously.

Well…don’t lose hope yet…I’ve got good news for you.

These few aren’t superhuman…and ANYBODY can acquire the skills necessary to ensure successful selling on social media

I mean… YOU can also acquire the knowledge and skills that’ll make you turn ANY social media platform or profile into a sales machine.

Some of us made it our “calling” to demystify how social media really works for business…not just for brand awareness…but to actually sell products and services.

We understudied successful brands and kissed the butts of social media winners and thought leaders…just to break into this vault...

And finally…we laid our hands on the simple system winners use to sell consistently on social media. A system simply called “Social Selling”.

What’s the beauty of knowledge not shared? (Especially when it’s powerful enough to help so many businesses…and in turn, aid our ailing economy!)

So…if you’re reading this right now, you’re in luck! (And I really don’t mind you taking a minute to congratulate yourself for being on this page…because you deserve it!)

You too will be having the rare opportunity to get initiated into this closed group of successful business owners, top professionals, and veteran marketers who sell at will and with ease on social media.

Before I tell you how, let me first introduce myself…


I’m Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, a direct-response copywriter and certified digitalCDMP marketing professional (CDMP) trained and certified by the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) and DigitalMarketer LLC, Texas, respectively.


As a digital marketing professional, I’m also specifically certified in Social Media & Community Management, Customer Acquisition, Customer Value Optimization (CVO), and other cores of digital marketing.

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I’m the founder of RenegadeCommerce, a winning digital marketing firm unlike any other in its space…but that’s not the interesting part…

They say most startups, especially online, don't last a year...and most those that do wouldn't last 3 years, because they'll never become profitable.

Well...I'm not sure about that stat...

...but all I know the one year of running RenegadeCommerce, the revenue we've gotten from our services, products, training/seminars has definitely crossed the 7-figure line. Multiple times. Yes, we've made several millions in the course of one year.

Money apart, we've had thousands of subscribers and tens of thousands of visits.

We've worked with the topmost influencers in various fields like marketing, media, even comedy, and countless other industries.

We've featured on TV, radio, and even international publications like

We've grown from just me to a staff of 5 members...

I'd have to stop counting our it doesn't sound like bragging...

But all that was achieved within same 1 year that most new businesses would have been struggling. And trust us, we haven't even started yet!

All I just want to point out is...we've enjoyed all this mostly by the grace of God...but also by our ability to sell ourselves via social media and other digital media.

So now you’d believe me when I tell you my life is all about demystifying marketing systems that sell, especially via digital media, and using them to generate killer results.

And now, we (me and the RC team) want to help you in your own business too. We want to give you the ultimate power to successfully sell your products and services -- in fact, sell anything you want -- via social media.

Now imagine what your life would be like 1, 5, or 10 years from now, if you have the power and ability to sell ANYTHING – and get consistent leads and sales flowing into your business – by just deploying a simple strategy and few clicks on the BIGGEST networking and marketing tool available to this generation: Social Media.

Now stop imagining. Because it’s very possible…depending on the choice you make today…


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The Social Selling Bundle:

The Social Selling Bundle contains our two best products; the Social Selling Video Pack and the Social Selling eBook (The Art of Social Selling), and then tons of bonuses.

Here's what you gain from both products:

The Social Selling Video Pack

Last year August, RenegadeCommerce organized a powerful seminar in Lagos, simply tagged Social Selling Seminar. The seminar featured powerful influencers like Otunba Akin Alabi of NairaBET (our host), Jason Njoku of IrokoTV (who was visiting but graced us with his presence and some hard-hitting speech), Ronald Nzimora of Profit Marketing Systems Ltd, Tunde Ajetomobi of AdQuet, Instagram celebrity comedian Craze Clown (Dr. Craze), Toyin Omotosho, and my humble self, Oludami Yomi-Alliyu.

Yes, it was a seminar jam-packed with value. And the lives of attendees never remained the same.

After months of hoarding the seminar videos I finally released it to few people early this year.

Now you have the opportunity to lay your hands on the entire video pack of the Social Selling Seminar. (Just imagine how drastically your life and business would change if you sit under teachings from Akin Alabi, Jason Njoku, Ronald Nzimora, etc!)

This video pack alone costs N15,000, and that's a very fair price if you'd agree.

The Art of Social Selling (aka Social Selling eBook)

After the success of the Social Selling Seminar and the first free social selling training online, I was persuaded to document ALL I taught at the seminar, ALL I taught at the free training, and EVERY other thing I know about social selling that I didn't teach at these events.

This was the birth of a blueprint I named The Art of Social Selling. It's a blueprint because it basically breaks everything social selling into steps you can simply follow one after another -- with screenshots of each step all the way!

This resource is so loaded that readers have reported alomost-immediate success from using the information in it, and even me still consult it today when I want to create marketing campaigns online.

I bet you it's the best social selling book you can find anywhere in the world.

The ebook is valued at N5,000...

Femi Toyinbo

I attended the SOCIAL SEMINAR organized by Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, in conjunction with Akin Alabi and Ronald Nzimora last year. It was the turning point for my Internet Marketing Career.

Before then, I had basic knowledge about online selling and marketing. I had a few products I was trying hard to sell, but after nearly 6 months and $500 wasted on Facebook Ads, I had made only $6.99 and N5,000 in sales from the two products I was marketing at that time.

I got a mail from my now Super Mentor – Otunba Akin Alabi, informing of the coming Seminar. At first I was reluctant when I saw the whopping price of N25,000 but then I knew that the Internet was the next gold.

I quickly paid the money and booked a flight to Lagos for the seminar. We attended this powerful two-day seminar and I must say it was the beginning of great things in my life. In that seminar, my eyes were opened to so many mistakes I had been making and even more strategies I never knew existed.

I jotted down nearly 6 pages full of notes, went home, read and re-read everything I got there. Exactly 2 weeks and 2 months after the seminar, I made my first $2,000. It was a mind blowing experience for me!

I cannot but appreciate the work of Oludami, Otunba, Ronald, Toyin, etc who drilled us in Social Selling tactics.

What you will learn from this Powerful Team would turn your Life and Business around!

Femi Toyinbo
CEO, Rich Social Inc.
Keme Abraham

Wow, the Social Selling Seminar was great.

Apart from meeting great entrepreneurs one-on-one, I learnt great copywriting techniques especially from Chief Ronald Nzimora.

This has improved my business both online and offline. With the lessons learnt, I have been able to increase my income by about 30%.

Thanks Oludami, thanks Otunba Akin Alabi!

Keme Abraham
Otabun Jesu-zele

I attended the Social Selling Seminar, and in the same week I made more than 5 times the fee for the seminar, by "testing", on a small Whatsapp group (less than 30 people), just 1 of the social selling concepts I learnt in the seminar.

I'm so excited. Thanks for giving me this power sir!

Otabun Jesu-zele
Self-employed (Network Marketing)

So here's the deal:

If you order for the Social Selling Bundle within today and Friday, you get both the Social Seminar Video Pack and the Art of Social Selling book at a ridiculously low price.

More about that in a minute...

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What You Stand To Gain from the Social Selling Bundle...

This training bundle promises to cut through all the noise and many wrong information (and BS) online and truly give you an unparalleled skill that will:

  • Help you reduce costs, while you increase profits…
  • Guarantee consistent leads and customers for your business (aka constant money!) – no matter the condition of the economy…
  • Help you build a loyal, strong and huge social audience and followership that will love you and be more than happy to pay you money for WHATEVER you offer…
  • Help you convert followers to leads and subscribers on your mailing list, so you can market to them WHENEVER you feel like – because you’d now own them…
  • Give your business website tons of traffic and some SEO (search engine optimization) advantage via the social web…
  • Definitely boost your business’ return on investment (ROI)…
  • Help you create strong brand awareness… (hey, it’s one of the perks of selling the right way;))
  • Help you create so much influence and respect in your industry/niche…
  • Even competitors will admire and envy you, as being smarter and more powerful…
  • Help you to not only network with other industry influencers online, but also join their league…
  • Let you attract opportunities (like ads revenue, interviews, partnerships, investments, media attention/publicity, speaking engagements, more business, etc) by virtue of your social media (& general online) presence, size and strength…
  • Help you gain the ability to expand your business based on customer/audience/followers feedback and requests…
  • Also help you gain the ability to launch new products successfully, leveraging on your follower/subscriber/customer/client-base that will definitely become huge with time…
  • Give you a financially-valuable skill (skill you can use to grow ANY business, or sell by helping others grow their businesses – or even teach other people for money)…

In all, you’ll get a deep knowledge of how social media truly works for business. And if your job or business is on the line because of past or current marketing failure, you now have the power to salvage the situation.

Having the Social Selling skill will literally change your life!

Umeh Oma

We worked with Oludami for few months, and he really helped put our lounge above other competitors and before hundreds of thousands of potential customers by creating a social media campaign that has been a huge success.

We are very pleased with the results. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before… Highly recommended!

Umeh Oma, Social Media Manager, Shaunz Karaoke Bar & Lounge
Ife Adeoti-Adeagbo

Oludami is an amazing trainer and developer. He delivers with a good heart and carries everyone along. You can’t be lost with his systematic approach, and you get to juice out every little detail with his perfect examples.

He does it so well that even a dummy would get it right.

Thank You for this amazing class.

Ife Adeoti-Adeagbo, BridgePalmers Solutions
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According to the Aberdeen Social Selling Study, 72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often.

Also, according to Forbes, 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers.

Here are the Bonuses you'll get if you order the Social Selling Bundle today:

The Ultimate Social Selling Checklist -- N2,500 value

This is another eBook you definitely must have in your marketing arsenal.

This special checklist gives you a list of everything you need to successfully sell anything on/via social media, from platform to setup, to tools and even strategies.

All you just have to do is tick the ones you already have or are already doing, and work towards those you don’t yet have or do.

This is practically the summary of both the seminar and the social selling eBook. It's meant for quick reference where you're trying to implement a strategy and quickly want to know what's next.

The Social Selling Seminar Slides

As part of the bonuses for getting the bundle, you'll get the Social Selling Seminar slides, so you can follow along while watching the videos.


Marketing in the Moment

Apart from the official seminar slides, you'll also get "Marketing in the Moment", the slide presented by Tunde Ajetomobi in his Twitter deep-dive.

His Twitter presentation is the best I've seen anywhere! Just wait till you get the slides he used!

Social Influencing Training - N12,000 value

By the time you learn about social selling, you'll know there are other social media activities you should do to balance things up -- you can't just be selling every time. You'll wear your followers out.

One of the other activities is Social Influencing. This means establishing authority on the social web, often through the distribution and sharing of valuable content.

Sounds pretty easy, but most people get it wrong on social media. You're about to leave that league. For buying the Social Selling Bundle, you'll get a complimentary Social Influencing training via email over a period of 5 days.

Please don't miss it. This training alone can shoot you to industry leadership status on social media in no time. Something even seminar attendees didn't get!


Other than these almost-unbelievable bonuses, I'll add some pleasant surprise bonuses that'll definitely help people who buy the Social Selling Bundle further in growing their business. It's just a way to appreciate buyers -- my students and regular customers would probably already know me for this. I over-deliver on my promises!

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Now to the question that's been on your mind:

How much does it cost to own the Social Selling Bundle and get access to the video pack and eBook?

Sure you know one can easily command upwards of 50k for the degree of value contained in these 2 resources... But you won't have to pay anything near that to own the Social Selling Bundle.

As said earlier, both would cost at least N20,000 at their normal prices.'s our one-year anniversary, and we are taking a whopping 85% off this normal price...

In other words, if you’re among the first set of people to pay N3,000 now, you’ll be having the Social Selling Bundle in your hands within the next few minutes!

Yup, I know that's insane, but's our first anniversary and we are grateful for coming this far successfully... So see this as our way of giving back to the world.

However, we can only leave this crazy deal till Friday night. After Friday night you won't even see the 2 resources packed together again, not to talk of finding them at this ridiculously low price. You'd have to buy them separately at their normal price.

And trust me, the price is so ridiculously low that we can't wait for Friday night to come. lol.

Hurry now, and click the “Get Access Now” button below to lock-in your spot and claim your copy of this first-and-last-of-its-kind bundle now.

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Do you prefer to pay/transfer into a bank account?

Then here are the details below:

Acc. Name: O. Yomi-Alliyu

GTBank: 0035513309

First Bank: 2024778394

Kindly text your name and teller number to 08080808116, and you’ll get a link to complete your registration – of course, that's if you pay latest 11:59 on Friday.

I'm excited to see you at the other side, and I promise you’ll find the Social Selling Bundle more valuable and interesting than you can ever expect.


When you get to a stage in life, reputation becomes far more important that any amount of money – ever.

If you study the Social Selling Bundle and apply the lessons to your business and the techniques don’t work for you, simply ask for a refund of your money, and I’ll oblige you immediately. No questions asked!

I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even a bit worried if this system will work for you, then put your mind at ease; you’ve got nothing to lose.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

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Prefer to Pay or Transfer to a Bank Account?

Here are the details:

Acc. Name: O. Yomi-Alliyu

GTBank: 0035513309

First Bank: 2024778394

Afterwards, kindly text your name and teller number to 08080808116, and you’ll get a link to get your bundle.

P.S: There’s one thing you should be sure of:

There are several (easy but widely unknown) ways to consistently get leads and sales from social media…and you’ll learn them ALL in the Social Selling Bundle.

They’ll work for EVERY type of business, whether you’re selling digital products or run a physical store; whether you offer B2B services or deal directly with customers.

Just ensure you study everything in the bundle, and save your business from the harsh effects of the current economic downturn.

P.P.S.: Truly empowered people are never bothered nor affected by bad economic conditions. In fact, they have the power to succeed more in bad economies, while most others complain.

Now…you have the opportunity to choose which side you belong.

Click the button below to choose the right side now.

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