What if I Personally Guide and Coach You To Implement the Social Selling System for Your Business -- and Help You Become Successful Faster?

I've been using the Social Selling System for Years...and it still took me Months of Wasting Time and Money after Launching My New Business Before I Got My Breakthrough.

You don't have to go through that Stress and Long Waiting -- and sometimes Heartbreak -- before You Succeed with The System. I Found the Shortest Cut Ever; Let Me Help You!

Dear Friend,

You now have the Almighty Social Selling System in your possession; Congrats, you're set for untold riches, if used well!

The system is great on its own, but what makes it even greater is when you've done ALL the research you need to do and you're confident that you know exactly what your prospect wants and you know exactly what to say to make him act.

See...the Social Selling System is a very complex and sophisticated system. It's also tricky. Any small slip-up or error, and it will fail flat. But when you use it perfectly, you will become rich faster than you can believe.

MY STORY: What Makes The Difference in The Success and Failure of The System?

When I launched the new beauty eCommerce business in November last year, guess the system I used? Yes, I used the Social Selling has always been my number 1 system for marketing.

BUT...I didn't get any orders. It failed woefully!

When I relaunched late January 2018, guess what system I used that gave me instant success (that got me N1.1m orders with 51k)?

You guessed right...the Social Selling System!

The same system I used that failed in November succeeded in January (and onward).

Same strategy; Same steps: Blog post => Lead magnet => Sales.

Same assets: website, blog, email, landing pages, web host, Facebook for ads, etc. In fact, same graphics!


I guess you're asking: So what made the difference? So what made the same system that gave me less than 50 orders in 2 months to later give me over 80 orders in one week?

What made me get less than 10 orders with $250 and later get more than 80 orders with $140?

The answer is...

O F F E R !

Yea, I understand...not the simple answer you were expecting.

Me too. I never expected it. I never imagined it.

I thought I had the best thing in the world when I got the Social Selling System...until I found a formula for creating the perfect offer...the type that makes your prospect say "shut up and take my money" even before you finish talking.

What Is A Perfect Offer?

By offer, I don't mean your product. In fact, your product doesn't even matter at all...your customers/clients don't care about your product or service.

I also don't mean your price. That doesn't count at all. See ehn...let me give you a simple secret: if your offer is perfect, your price is totally of no issue...people don't care...they just want to have what you matter what it costs them.

Having the perfect offer even makes it very easy to sell expensive things.

The perfect offer is basically your presentation...your messaging...your conversation with your prospect...the type they want to hear.

It's about giving your prospect what exactly he wants.

But how do you know what exactly the prospect wants and how exactly s/he wants to hear it?

How to Identify Your Prospect's Want

The normal way to do this is by thorough research. Then you keep testing till you nail the perfect offer.

I'm sure that answer doesn't excite you...because you know that ordinary research can't make you rich. Many research people have done without any spectacular result.

And when it comes to testing, we both know it's the fastest way for a small business to run down. Several times I tested and tested till I had no money to run ads on tests again and I was sent out of business. Many times!

Testing is great for big or medium-sized businesses that have the funds to test and test.

So What is The Better Way?

When I went back to the drawing board to refine my system, I found nothing wrong. Seriously, I didn't see any problems anywhere.

But I knew deep within me that something was wrong -- it's simple; if sales are not flooding in, then something is definitely don't need a prophet to know that.

So I started my search all over the internet and went through my past training...I also read tons of materials.

So I started piecing all my strategies together...from creating customer avatar to building funnels and everything inbetween...

I found out that everything must come together in a particular sequence . Unfortunately, I'd done most of these things already and already tied them together.

Then one night I found something: I didn't have a system to create surebanker offers! I knew this because I found a system and it was nothing like everything I've done before. In fact, it's too simple that I almost missed it.

I guess my prayers helped.

I found a way to ALWAYS create offers that are sure to convert. By offers, I don't just mean sales. It starts from even your blog posts.

Now you'll understand how it's possible to advertise just a blog post and get those massive sales without advertising the product itself. That's the power of fuelling the social selling system with great offers!

(In fact, with you on this page, you probably got here from a blog pot that was advertised, which you followed till you bought the Art of Social Selling eBook. If that is right, then the formula for crafting great offers works well!)

With the formula I use, I can craft great offers that will sell right out of the gate, without having to keep testing and testing.

And I'd like to teach you how you can do same!

How You Can Have the Perfect Offer Formula

Unfortunately, it's not packaged into a book or anything like the social selling system. if you're going to have it, then I'd have to give it to you by myself. I really can't afford those setting up competition against me to lay their hands on the secret-- they're my biggest secret ever!

So the only way I can give this secret to you is if I teach you by myself. But this time around it wouldn't just be just the concept.

I'll first be holding you by the hand to guide you in implementing the whole social selling system, afterwards, here are other things you'll get if I coach you personally:

  • Make sure you get results (aka money!!) with the social selling system...
  • Help you in these 6 major areas (or concepts) that will make sure you nail the perfect offer and sharply earn the millions you deserve:
  1. Conversion Funnel. (We'll set up your full funnel - Money-Making Machine - together)
  2. Transformation Grid. (Let me leak one secret: your product isn't what you really sell; it's transformation you should sell. That is all we all buy. I'll show you how to tap into this powerful concept and create a grid or list of powerful emotions and benefits your prospects will respond to like magic! This alone will change your life forever!!)
  3. USP vs. SOV. (Your USP tells your customers why you're different from the competition...but trust me, they don't care that much. Your SOV (statement of value) on the other hand shows the prospect that your product or service is the solution they've been looking for all their life!)
  4. The Perfect Pitch. (Okay, we are getting there. Together we will craft a short pitch - or elevator pitch - for your product that will instantly attract buyers when they read or hear it. We will create it from some of the exercises above that we'd have done already. This can form the basis of your sales copy and marketing...because it's very persuasive!)
  5. The Perfect Sales Presentation. (This is where we are going. This is what will make you a millionaire...and then billionaire with time. This is what will make those sales trickling in one by one, in large quantities, until a 2k product becomes 7 figures in your account! This, my friend is what gave me the result I've enjoyed even with my imperfect execution of the social selling system! Even if I charged you 1m for it, you'd be lucky!)
  6. Ad Grid. (I won't leave you stranded after you've gotten your perfect offer. We'll go further and create a tool that will make your advertising easy. By the time we are done, you'll have over 20 adverts you can place and test and increase your chances of making more money from the same one product.)

Dear friend, these are the tools I use in making serious mullah. They're not easy to create. They take me weeks sometimes. But don't worry, I'll guide and help you in creating them faster.)

Let's continue talking about things you'll get:

  • Unlimited access to me for 2 full months. I'll work with you for one month in setting up your system and everything I've listed above. Then the second month will be for ensuring everything works fine and help you optimize your system to get better results. It will also be for you to contact me whenever you want perhaps you get stuck.
  • Newbie-friendly extras. In case you're a newbie, we won't just deal with the advanced tactics and concepts listed here. I'll guide you with other things like: Facebook advertising, blogging, avatar profiling, market research, page building, email marketing, copywriting, and every other thing you need to successfully market online.
  • Student-situation-specific offers. I'll help you with any other thing specific to your business or market. E.g, perhaps you're into fitness and want to focus on video ads or you're into B2B and you want to focus on lead generation via LinkedIn
  • Meetings at least once monthly (physical or virtual like video call)
  • Swipe files. I won't just teach you with mouth. I'll give you successful models you can copy, from my business or specific to your industry/market
  • Access to my tech assistant at half price. Are you non-techy like I am and would need someone to do the whole web building, funnel setup, automations and other tech stuff for you? No problem, I'll give you access to my tech assistant, who is also a kickass marketer too!
  • Access to an influencer or marketing expert in your niche - or related niche. Just to give you an expert third-party opinion on your business and marketing, I'll make you consult for free with someone experienced (directly or indirectly) in your niche/market/industry. Don't worry, I have quality contacts in my network 😉

See...I have just one goal for you: to make serious money within 2 months. By serious money, I mean 7 figures. And with everything I've listed, there's no way you won't make it, if you're serious and follow my guidance religiously.

How Much Would it Cost You to Work with Me for 2 Full Months?

Sure you can imagine that if it was a company hiring me to do this work for them, I'd charge them multiple 7 figures.

But you aren't a company and I'm not doing ALL the work for you - you will do the necessary work for yourself. My own job is just to guide you and ensure you succeed with this system.

So I can't ask for 7 figures.

I want to be doing this every 3 months, and each set will be just 10 people - that's how many I can handle at a time with my busy schedule.

So don't worry if you can't afford the coaching; it's not for everyone. The system in the book you bought is okay for you.

But if you really need my help and attention and you're ready to do all it would take to succeed, my personal coaching will cost you two payments of N95,000.

That's a total of N190,000 paid at N95,000 per month for 2 months!

I know it's too cheap for the value I plan to offer, considering that I'm guaranteeing huge returns (more than 5x your investment) within 2 months.

But it's just 10 people, and their success will make me increase the price against the next set.

So make sure you make this set. Click the button below to pay and lock your spot immediately. Hundreds or even thousands of people will see this page...and I need just 10!

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See you in class!

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