Not Making Enough Money From Your Business? Here Are 8 Reasons People Are Not Buying From You

One of the biggest frustrations ever is to spend all your resources — money, time, energy, connections, people, etc. — on a business you’re so passionate about... only to realize that you’re actually not making the kind of progress you desired for your business.

You’ve done everything they say: you have social media accounts on major platforms; you post about your product or service online daily; you’ve tried paid advertising, tried influencers, learnt email marketing, SEO, etc. and implemented all you learnt...yet you’re not making enough sales.

It’s now beginning to look like your business has no hope. You’re beginning to feel like entrepreneurship isn’t your calling; maybe your parents and friends or partner were right about you getting a “real” job.

Yet you see other people in your industry, even those ones that aren’t as qualified as you are, doing better than you in their own business.

And you keep wondering why people aren’t buying from you.

If you think I described your situation so well, it’s only because I’ve gone through it again and again; from one failed business to another.

It was when I started an ecommerce business and couldn’t generate sales again that I decided to do EVERYTHING it would take to start making good sales.

Based on my experience growing my skincare business, BeauCrest, from hardly making any sales to later generating multiple 7 figures monthly despite selling low-priced products, and also helping other businesses make so much sales and profits, here are 8 major reasons you’re not making enough sales in your business:

Why you're not making sales

1. They don’t want/need what you sell

This is very simple and straightforward.

If you’re not making sales, then it means you’re putting the wrong offer in front of the wrong people.

It’s either you’re talking to the wrong audience, or you’re offering the wrong product or service to the right audience.

If you sell what people want, and communicate it clearly to them (because sometimes they just don’t know you have what they want), people will buy from you.

This is why the three foundations of my sales system are: audience, offer and messaging!

Get those three right and you’ll NEVER be broke again in your life. You can build anything solid on those three!

2. They don’t trust you.

Truth is: your dream customer/client has been disappointed before.

They bought something that didn’t meet their expectations and this has made it hard for them to trust people, especially strangers trying to sell to them.

This is even worse in this part of the world, where there are always cases of “what I ordered vs. what I got”.

So…if you can’t make people believe that you’re legit and that your product or service will indeed do for them what you claim it does, then there’s no way you’re winning them over.

Work on being trustworthy as a business owner – in fact, build trust with your prospects first, and you’ll see how those sales will pour in.

Always remember that people will only buy from those who they know, like and trust.

3. They don’t believe in themselves.

Even if you find a way to build trust and make people believe in you and your product or service, self-doubt might still prevent some people from making that purchase.

Depending on what you sell, if the prospect thinks that for some reason it might not work for them, they won’t buy from you.

For example, if someone has been trying to lose weight and has tried a lot of different things without success, they might give up believing nothing can ever make them lose weight, even if it’s helping other people.

That is a tough nut to crack, but as a business owner, you have to help people believe in themselves so that they’ll freely buy from you.

4. They don’t have the money.

See, this one ehn, it’s a serious problem.

If someone doesn’t have money or cannot afford what you’re selling, they simply won’t buy from you.

But that might actually be a “YOU” problem.

It either still boils down to you talking to the wrong people (people who can’t afford you – like...Chile, there are millions of other people out there na! Lol), or you’re not persuasive enough to make people do anything to want what you sell.

"Broke" people find money to buy expensive aso-ebi, gadgets and fashion items…so not having money is not really an excuse.

Simply learn to sell better…and that always boils down to putting the right offer in front of the right audience, with the right message!

5. They don’t see the urgency.

Yea, your product or service seems nice to have. They probably even want it, but they don’t see the rush. It doesn’t seem that urgent.

Unfortunately, they say procrastination leads to failure. But this time around it’s failure to come back to buy from you.

Try to add some element of urgency and even scarcity that will make lazy people get up and act fast to get your stuff.

When something is scarce or limited, or we feel we might miss out if we don’t act fast, we do act fast!

6. You don’t connect with your prospects emotionally.

Because your product or service has a whole lot of awesome features, you push those features down people’s throats.

What you don’t know is that people buy emotionally, not logically. We only use logic to justify the emotional purchase decision we already made.

Don’t run; let me explain.

Someone switching from an Android to an iPhone will tell you it’s because of iPhone’s durability or some other features of the iPhone.

Na lie! 

They are switching because iPhones are trendy. They want to “buga” people with the glossy and classy look of the latest iPhones. That’s an emotional purchase.

But so that they wouldn’t feel guilty and look wasteful to themselves and to other people, they justify their iPhone purchase with all the “amazing” features of the phone.

But you are there shouting “this wig is 12 inches” instead of saying “this wig will make you look like a baddie!” 

Dey play o! 

7. You’re trying too hard to sell.

When you look too desperate or aggressive for the sale, you’ll turn people off.

Every time, “buy! buy! Buy!” Every time annoying WhatsApp BCs about what you sell.

Learn from influencers na; people follow them because they want to be entertained or informed.

But once they say “go and buy from this vendor” like this, BOOM, people rush there to go buy.

Let me tell you one secret that can change your life (if you gerrit): people love to feel in control when buying.

People don’t want to feel like you outsmarted them or coerced them into buying your stuff. They want the decision to come from them.

Hence the classic saying in sales that “People love to buy, but don’t like to be sold.

Know this now: your job as a business owner is to help people to get what they want; not make them want what you sell.

Hmmm…even me I know that is deep!!! Lmao.

On a more serious note, read that sentence again and it can change your life when you begin to practice it.

8. You don't have an intentional sales process

What is your sales process? I'm sure you don't understand what I mean.

Let me simplify the question: how do you take people from being total strangers to becoming customers or clients?

Vibes and inshallah, yea?

Yes, what would be will be...but you can't leave your business to chances and hope.

You have to be intentional about how people find you and how your assets turn them into customers.

When people finally find you through those trendy hashtags you pack into your posts, does your profile (bio, username, picture, links, etc.) do a good job of taking them to the next level, until they actually make a purchase? Or anything goes on your profile?

When you advertise, do you have mechanisms for taking people from stranger to leads then to buyers? Or you just "boost post" because Facebook asked you to?

Be intentional with your business and marketing, my entrepreneurial friend!

Now you know the major 8 reasons people don't buy stuff. These are the same reasons people don't buy from you as much as you want. The same reasons business owners struggle to make enough money in their business.

So...the next question is...

How do you beat these reasons and actually make people buy from you, so that you can stop being a broke or average business owner?

It's simple!

You now know the reasons people aren’t buying from you as much as you want. All you have to do is: do the opposite of the wrong things you’ve been doing.

But I don’t want to leave you without help.

I learnt all these reasons from experience; you’ll notice this isn’t a googled or “well-researched” article. It was when I’d spent all my savings starting a business and buying products but was unable to sell the products that I vowed to do ANYTHING to sell those products.

I made it my mission to be able to sell anything online. 

Good thing is, I was able to solve my no-sales problem. I created a system that solves basically ALL these reasons people don't buy.

I took the business from making less than 5 sales in its first month and total of 24 sales in three months, to selling thousands of products and making over N18Million with just about N3.6m in ads. Including some 7-figure weeks.

How did I do it?

I wrote a case study showing exactly how I was able to make so much profits in the business and made it a downloadable PDF. You can download it in case you want to see this sales system in action…and you can apply it in your own business too (no matter the product or service you sell) and start generating massive sales.

Guess the good part? It’s free to download.

So click here now to download the very short case study (4 pages) for free and begin to make more money in your business immediately:

You can thank me later 🙂