RenegadeCommerce (RC) is all about ditching and deserting the ‘usual’ way of marketing and selling, to help you achieve – and even surpass – your business goals through tested and proven, ethical, but unconventional marketing tactics.

We’ve come a very long way trying so many things and following so many leaders. We’ve sieved digital marketing in out and we’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t. But we didn’t stop there. We remain perpetual learners and marketing experimentalists. We learn and try EVERYTHING (and I mean, everything!) out there, and find out what works and what doesn’t.

And by “what works”, I don’t mean stuff that bring average, mediocre results. I’m talking stuff that beat up past ‘usual’ results.

And those are the tactics we stick to here at RenegadeCommerce, and bring to you, our esteemed friend, either by way of actively helping you boost your business success exponentially, or teaching you to do that yourself.

In other words, RC is all about helping you achieve surpass your business goals, either by offering you our services or by teaching you and empowering you with the best digital marketing skills out there.

Why “Renegade”?

Marketing has been in existence for as long as man has existed. We always try to move other people into buying into our ideas or buying our stuff.

However, the evolution of the human mind and the defenses we naturally beef up against the various marketing tactics that have evolved over time makes marketing a dynamic art. New tactics keep getting discovered and developed to counter the various objections and defenses…just to sell more.

The quest for finding that magic marketing potion has led to the creation of various tactics; ethical and unethical.

Thanks to the internet; it’s either a blessing or a curse…depending on where you stand. There are now more ways than ever to reach your potential clients and customers. And if you’re not careful, you’ll be overwhelmed with the almost-too-many options out there.

It’s either you do it right, or you get it all wrong. It’s either you win and achieve your business goals. Or you fail flat. Why bother?

Now it’s been discovered that you need not chase around the latest marketing tactics or be obsessed about them. The human mind hasn’t changed, even with all the resistance we now put up against marketing and advertising.

How do I mean?

Human relations hasn’t changed. In fact, only gotten better: We still fall in love like we did in the past. We still like things, get angry, become happy, have fears, get disappointed…we still have the same feelings as in the past.

But nobody wants to be called stupid! You don’t want to insult your prospect/audience/customer/client by raining several (mostly unethical) marketing and advertising tactics on him, just in a bid to get some cash, without caring about his/her own needs.

Unfortunately, that’s the kind of marketing that floats around everywhere, especially online.

The only marketing that therefore works now is that which follows the normal rules of human relationships: non-intrusion, seeking permissions, earning trust, caring, giving more, asking less, apologizing and forgiving, breaking up and making up – or parting ways. And more.

It’s not the usual marketing you see everywhere now. It’s marketing in a different way…deserting the usual way… being renegade about marketing and commerce. But being caring and loving with the human. Sticking to Native.

It’s Native Commerce. It’s our way!

We’re not just about changing the way marketing and selling is done online, but making it better.

Enough About The Company…Who Are the People Behind RenegadeCommerce.

Wish I’d just say “a team of kickbutt Nigerian marketers that are fed up of the way marketing is being done and the lack of results, and have made it their life purpose to make a difference, turn things around, and bring to the good people digital marketing that produces results – and arm them against the worsening economic situation of this great country”…but we know you want more.

So here’s it:

digital marketer oludami yomi-alliyuFounded by Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, a seasoned copywriter and certified digital marketing professional (CDMP) based in Nigeria, RC consists of a team (or call it network?) of professionals in a wide range of digital marketing and general internet skills. From email marketers to content marketers, to programmers and web developers, graphics designers...even photographers and voice-over experts…and more…RenegadeCommerce seeks to change the face of marketing, and help people enjoy more success – especially in Nigeria. Call it our own little way of contributing to the economy.

You ask How? Check Out Our Mission Statement:



We seek to double the sizes of over 10,000 businesses in Nigeria, and the wider African continent, by the year 2020, by helping them (especially you!) leverage the kind of assets and marketing that make businesses acquire more revenue, while reducing costs.

Our Values?

  • NEVER teach what you've NEVER done!
  • Ultimate formula: learn, do, (succeed,) teach!
  • We never stop trying new things and we aren't afraid of failure...we simply learn, get better, and move on!
  • NO secrets. Absolutely!
  • Are we "a learner"? Yesss!!! (Forever!)
  • We *choose* not to believe in competition. We'd rather collaborate. (Or pretend the competition doesn't exist!)
  • We believe so much in talents. But we believe more in open-mindedness and perpetual development.
  • We believe in working smart...BUT we also believe in working hard!
  • Speed is the language of business, we believe.
  • We don't joke with FREEDOM!
  • In God We Trust!


Do you trust us enough to handle your digital marketing and give you consistent results unseen in your industry -- that will definitely knock your competitors off their socks, and make you a leader?

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I appreciate your time here on our site, and I really look forward to having you on our side of the marketing war -- and join us in doubling tens of thousands of businesses (including yours) and impact the Nigerian economy positively.

Cheers to untold business success stories,

Oludami Yomi-Alliyu,