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Building a brand might seem like one of the hardest things – actually, it takes a lot of time and effort.

But here’s the good news, as a small business the internet has made it a lot easier to put your brand and your products and services in front of people.

When it comes to the internet and growing your brand, one channel to take advantage of is blogging.

Blogging to some people might a hobby, but as a business owner, it is more than that. It should be one of the numerous ways you promote your business.

It gives you the opportunity to showcase your business, create a community around your brand, interact with your audience, get feedback from them, etc.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to build relationships with your target audience and make them trust your brand.

All these, in the long run, can lead to increased traffic to your site, multiple reformations, more sales, and most importantly, getting your customers coming back for more.

The truth is, we are in an age and time where almost everyone has something they are selling. One way to stand out is by building your brand.

You need to make sure that when people think about your market, product/services, niche or the solution you offer, it is your brand that first comes to mind.

And yes, blogging can help you with this.

How can you grow your brand by blogging?

 The first step is getting your blog started. But what happens next?

1. Provide valuable content

This is the first and probably the most important thing you should do.

People will quickly lose interest in your brand if everything you blog about is your brand or your product.

They will also lose interest if you post content that is not valuable to them.

So, provide tips, talk about industry news, give interviews, host webinars, etc. Though naturally, you would talk about topics that relate to your brand, make sure your blog is all about helping your target audience and not just selling.

2. Trigger conversations

It’s okay to post valuable content, but you also need your target audience talking.

How else would you know what they think about your brand, their thoughts on the content you post and their experience with your product?

You should include a Call to Action (CTA) at the end of each post.

You could tell them to click a link to your website or social media pages, ask them their thoughts, tell them they can ask a question, ask them to share their experience, etc.

Ultimately, you need to let them know that you need their comments. You also need to make them know you find their comments valuable by making sure you respond to their comments.

Another way to trigger conversations is to post content about controversial or trending issues (relating it to your brand).

People want to be a part of something trending, so it will be easy to get them talking.

3. Let them in on your brand’s story

This is more like giving your brand a personality that your followers can related to.

What do you want your brand to be known for? Who or what do you want to be the face of your brand? What do you want to pop up in people’s mind when they think about your brand?

All this help to break barriers between you and your target audience. You stop being a company that wants to sell a product and become something they feel like they are a part of.

Whatever your brand’s story is, it should take your audience on a journey that is similar to what they are experiencing, which will lead them, too, to becoming a better version of themselves.

For example, you start with the challenges they are going through (one which you also experienced) and how frustrating it is.

The next stop is, how you looked for a solution. Lead them through your search and how you finally found a way out.

But most importantly, let them know how this solution has improved your life and made you better.

Now that’s a story people would relate to.

Our skincare brand, BeauCrest, has at the core of it the story of how the face of the brand had issues with skin blemishes, how she found a solution, and how this solution transformed her life overall.

4. Be in their faces

Being in their faces means you post frequently and consistently.

People constantly come in contact with a million and one things online every day. One of the ways to make sure people do not forget about your brand is to be consistent about blogging.

Feed them with valuable content as frequently as possible.

You can encourage them to subscribe to your emails so you can send them notifications when there is an update on the blog.

Remember the goal is: whenever they think about the solution you are offering, your niche, your product or service, your brand should be the first name that comes to mind.

5. Put in mind that your blog is not an island

Even though blogging is a great way to grow your brand, it is just one way.

Most of the digital marketing platforms are interconnected. While you are blogging, you should engage in email marketing, social media marketing, creating ad campaigns, etc.

Let me explain…

While you blog, send blog updates and updates about your brand through email to your audience, post content on your social media platforms, including your YouTube channel, and when necessary create ad campaigns on social media platforms and search engines to get more eyeballs on your post.

All these help to put your brand out there, make people aware of your brand, and become interested in what you are selling – and then buy!

6. Position yourself as an expert

This is very important.

If you want people to look twice at what you have written, or come back to your blog, you need to give them a reason to.

You should answer the question; Why should I care about what you are saying?

One of the ways to do so is by positioning yourself as an expert.

Let your readers (or listeners or viewers) know that you have ample knowledge about what they are searching for and enough experience to guide them.

You should also have a well-crafted “About Us” page.

There they are; 6 good ways to grow your brand through blogging.

Blogging is fun – at least for me.

But it requires a lot of time and research, which shouldn’t be a problem if you truly want to grow your brand.

The end result is worth all the stress. You build a community around your brand and get people talking about it, which in turn makes it easy for you to sell your product or service.

Now over to you…

Have you tried blogging for your business before? What other blogging tips do you know that can help build one’s brand? Leave a comment and let’s get talking.

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Ebibote Opetu
Ebibote Opetu

Ebi was the Content Director of RenegadeCommerce. She handled the blogs and social media platforms of RC, its subsidiaries and clients.


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