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Now, tell me: what would getting a consistent and predictable amount of leads do to your dental practice?

What if you had a system that automatically sends leads (potential clients), as much as you want, into your practice/business, every single day?

Well…don’t bother wondering or wishing…that’s exactly what I’m about to give you in this post.

At the end of this post, you should have in your hands a system proven to work for dentists all around the world in getting as many leads as possible – and also in helping them turn as many of these leads into actual paying clients.

At least, that’s my aim.

Online Lead-Generation

Things have changed.

Gone are the days when you set up a business and “hope” customers find you. Gone, also, are the days a brand depends on just word of mouth, or even reputation.

We are in an age and time where a new business can come out of nowhere to disrupt an industry and beat the big players hands down with innovative strategies.

Today, we have all the tools needed for ANY business to get ALL the customers they desire. It’s then left to each business to utilize these tools to their advantage, or not.

Everybody is online, including your ideal clients.

The internet is now therefore the best way/tool to grow any business or institution – and the best place to spend your advertising money, if you want good returns (compared to traditional media).

The ideal way to go about growing your business through the internet – and getting good returns on your money, time and efforts – is lead generation. That is, finding a way to attract people interested in your services and offering them something in return for their time, contact details AND presence in your clinic.

Once you get these leads, it becomes your duty to do everything you can to convert them into actual paying clients. This is how you not just recover your advertising costs, but also make profits.

The Proven Lead-Generation Strategy that Consistently Gets Dental Clients

To accomplish the primary objective of increasing the number of clients that will patronize a dental clinic, we primarily use Facebook Advertising.

At our agency, we have a proven Facebook Advertising campaign that is sure to bring in interested patients, day-in day-out, for any dental clinic.

We also use persuasive ad copy that gives the interested patient the opportunity to get something for free, for example, get their teeth checked up for free, or even get it whitened for free.

The idea behind this strategy is that there’s hardly anyone, especially one interested enough in a dental service to walk into a clinic, who wouldn’t need to get one or two major dental treatments.

For example, in the process of receiving free dental check-up, most patients would end up getting a diagnosis and then a treatment recommendation, even if it’s just cleaning.

Strategy Broken Down

1. Audience research and targeting

We have developed a unique way of finding people who are most likely to become leads (be interested in the offer) – and in turn become paying clients of a dental clinic.

Basically, you want to draw out a persona or characteristics of your ideal clients – your current best clients – and plug those features into Facebook.

Age range, gender (if more of a particular gender visits your clinic), location (ideally your city or suburb, and probably some kilometer radius – between 10 to 25) and any specific interests they may have.

Success at this stage comes down to how well you know your ideal client.

2. Lead-Generation Funnel

Next, we help our client-clinic develop the perfect online sales process (funnel) to make this lead generation effort a success. We also help in developing all the necessary assets, like ad copy and creative.

A simple 4-step lead generation funnel that works perfectly is:

a Facebook ad => a landing page => a thank-you page => a follow-up call/email

And where the prospect doesn’t opt in to become a lead, they see a “retargeting ad”, as “one last push” from us, to encourage them to opt in.

 I’ll further be breaking this funnel down in the remaining next steps.

3. A Facebook (and Instagram) advert

This is what the customer will see on their feed, consisting of a video/image, text, and a call-to-action.

Once you’ve settled on the lead-generation funnel to use (and its steps), it’s time to get to work on creating your Facebook advert. (Facebook owns Instagram, so, making your ad go live on both platforms is simply a matter of clicking one button.)

We usually prefer using a video, especially because it makes ads cheaper to run. However, if all you have is an image, you can use it.

Whatever media you choose, just ensure:

  • It’s of high quality
  • It speaks to the prospect’s desire (e.g, a beautiful smile with perfect dentition – not you with your dental instruments)
  • Your ideal client can relate to it

The text of your ad should:

  • Call out your ideal client (e.g., “Attention Austin!” Or “Dear beautiful bride-to-be,”)
  • Also speak to their utmost desire (e.g., “Do you want to have a perfect smile in time for your big day?”)
  • Give an irresistible offer (this is why we like to give out something for free)

Finally, you should add a button that asks your prospect to take the action you want of them, for example, download a coupon.

Here’s an example of a Facebook Ad that works (sorry, some parts are blurred out for confidentiality and/or copyright purposes):

4. A Landing Page

This is the page the ad would take them to; where they’ll enter their personal details to claim your offer.

You want to keep your landing page very simple and free of distractions. Every single element of this page should be aimed towards making your client opt in to claim your offer. (So, no navigation buttons…or other links your normal website contains.)

You also want to ensure that the image or video you used in your ad is found on your landing page. This is just to make them know they landed in the right place.

Once the prospect fills this form, they are taken to a “Thank-You Page”, while you get their contact details via email.

Here is a good landing page sample:

5. A Thank-You Page

This is the page the leads are redirected to once they fill in their details. Here they get more instructions/information.

But (and here’s the most powerful part) this is where we like to offer another incentive to make them act fast. Almost nobody does this…but we’ve been doing this for years across several industries, and I can tell you it works wonders.

Try it and see how it makes your bottom-line blow up.

6. Follow-up call

This stage is about the most important. You have to call each prospect as soon as they submit their details – ideally within 15 minutes. (Within an hour can still be forgivable.)

The purpose of the call is to ensure they schedule an appointment at the clinic.

Even though you’re offering your prospect something for free, they’re still expected to give you their time. Making them show up is mostly hinged on what happens during this call. So we treat this call as a real sales call.

We usually provide our clients with scripts containing what exactly to say on the phone – and also provide some training to whoever handles this part. It’s that important!

We also set up a follow-up email/SMS system through which, once people fill the form, they automatically get an email or SMS giving them more info on what happens next.

This is basically to set expectations for the call.

All these work together to make sure the prospect shows up and the purpose of the whole campaign is not defeated.

Here’s a sample welcome email:

7. Retargeting Advert

this is an optional ad we use to “follow” (or stalk) any prospect that clicks on the initial ad but doesn’t fill the form on the landing page, just as an extra push to make them take the offer.

Yes, it’s a simple strategy, but it’s very powerful and can greatly impact your bottom line in ways you might find hard to believe.

All you have to do is set it up the exact way I’ve explained here, and watch your dental practice attract more clients than you can handle.

Need Help?
Let’s Give You Quality Dental Leads for FREE!

What if we set this campaign up for you for free?

You’re probably too busy to get started on this lead generation journey – and you’re about to get even busier when the leads come pouring in.

Why don’t you focus on delivering the best service you can, while we here at RenegadeCommerce handle your marketing and lead generation for you.

And yes, w’ll do it for free. At least at the start.

We’ll set up your campaign and run your ads for you for two full weeks, without charging for our services. The only cost you’ll have to bear is your ad cost (the one you pay Facebook directly).

More so, we’ll give you a script that contains the exact things you’ll say to make sure these leads come into the clinic (and also teach you how to use it), so that you can give them the free offer AND upsell them to a paid service.

Any strings attached?? 

Of course, there are strings attached!

As an agency, we generate most of our revenue from offering services like this, and we are definitely not the cheapest out there.

What better way is there to make you hire us than by making you money more than enough to pay for the campaign and our service – and still have profits to keep?!

My hope is that when you see the results we get for you within those two weeks, and also see how profitable this campaign can be, you’d be more than happy to hire us fully – knowing the campaign would pay for itself multiple times over.

You have absolutely nothing to lose if the campaign doesn’t work – you simply not move forward with us, even though you’d still have enjoyed some awareness in your city.

We bear most of the risk – and that not just separates us from other marketers (how many can guarantee you’ll make money from their services, not to talk of risking their own payment?!) but also shows how confident we are in our skills.

Simply fill this form below if you’d like us to send you free leads, and we’ll contact you to ensure we are a good fit, before we get started at all.

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Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

Oludami is the founder of RenegadeCommerce. He is certified as a digital marketing professional by DigitalMarketer HQ, Texas, and as a professional copywriter by American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI).


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