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Let me begin by asking you this…

Have you ever been in a situation where you are finding it hard to make any sales even though you know your product or service is the best your prospects will ever find on the market?

Every time you present your product, your prospects look away.

Over time, you begin to doubt your product, asking yourself if it is truly worth it in the first place.

The truth is, it is not your product that is at fault. It is your offer that is most likely faulty.

So, don’t just give up on the product or service yet. Switch up the offer.

Make it irresistible!

What is an irresistible offer?

It is that offer that presents so much value to your prospect that they cannot look away and even if they do, they will spend the next few weeks mourning the fact that they didn’t take it.

It involves presenting your product or service in a way that it is more valuable to them than the money you ask for in return.

If you can get this kind of offer to your prospects, then your sales will begin to increase, even more than you imagined.

Now to the business of the day, how do you create an irresistible offer?

We will be going through the steps you need to take in the next few minutes. So, stay with me.

Steps in creating an irresistible offer

How do you get your offer so valuable that your prospects cannot resist it?

Before I go on with the steps, I need to first make it clear that…

An irresistible offer does not have to be huge discounts on the price of your product or service.

I understand why you would think so, customers love discounts and it pushes them to buy even when they had no intention to.

But the truth is, that kind of marketing is not sustainable. Discounts are to be used very sparingly (for example; black Fridays, holiday promos, etc.) because they eat into your profits.

Don’t get me wrong. Discounts are good but your main offer should be something that you can continuously sell for as long as the product is in stock without being scared of losing money.

What you should know is, more than saving money, your prospects like to feel that they are getting the most value for the money they are paying.

Give them value for their money and they will buy at whatever price you give them.

Another thing I would like you to note is:

The simplest way to making your offer irresistible is by stacking up different valuable deals in one offer.

If you want people so hooked, they cannot look away you need to pack in different valuable and juicy deals (not just one) in one offer.

Stacking up so much value for your customers is your way in.

How do you do this? There are different tactics that will not only make your customers want to pay but be sure that your product or service will deliver.

Here are some of them:

1. Add in something valuable to the mix

This is one of the most effective ways to add value to your offer.

It involves adding something related to your main product that your customer will find valuable.

It does not have to be expensive or grand. It just has to increase the worth of your product in the eyes of your prospects, without increasing the price.

For example, our e-commerce brand sells a beauty soap. To increase the value of this soap, we had to chip in a moisturizer for free.

The price of the moisturizer was added to the cost of the soap, but to our customers, they were getting the moisturizer for free because we presented it as a bonus.

Also, we offered them free delivery for every soap they buy.

As expected, these increased our sales.

So, ask yourself, what bonus can increase the value of my product/service without eating into my pockets?

It doesn’t have to be one. It could be as many as you want.

2. Give your prospect an opportunity to pay up after seeing results

You can tell your prospects that they do not have to pay the full price for your product or service initially.

Tell them to pay half the price and once they start noticing results, they can pay off the rest.

For example, If you sell a hair product that can grow the front hair, no matter how bad it is for ₦7,000. You can ask your customers to pay ₦5,000 upfront and pay the rest after one month when they have seen results

This is one sure way of proving that your product/service will work. If not, why will you trust a stranger to pay you later?

This is great for selling courses (especially make money courses), a new idea or product.

However, as a marketer, you should not expect people to pay up later, even if your product works very effectively.

This is more of a guarantee that the product will work, than a payment plan. So, make sure that even if your customers do not pay up, you still make profit.

3. Put in a money-back guarantee or free trial

It is no news that this is one way to prove to your customers that the product you sell actually works.

Promise your customers that they will get their money back if they do not get the desired results that they want.

Now, back to our e-commerce brand and the soap we sell. We promise our customers that they will get results after 28 days and if they don’t, they can ask for their money back.

You should not just put this up but be ready to refund them when necessary.

You should note that the money-back guarantee technique has been over flogged. So, instead of giving the one-month offer, you can extend yours to 3 months, 6 months or even a year.

If you are selling software, you can sign your prospects up for a free trial for some days so they can see first hand how your software can help them, if they come on board.

4. Create a bundle offer

Bundle offers are great if you sell different products or varieties of the same product.

How do you create a bundle offer?

You take several products or services and package them together in the same offer.

Yes, it will be a more expensive purchase than just buying one, but you present your offer in a way that the bundle will be cheaper than if they bought those products individually.

The idea is that they get these products but for a lesser price.

Depending on the number of products and services you offer, you create numerous bundles and give your prospect the chance to choose which suits them the most.

Just make sure that whatever discounts you are offering in the bundle does not affect sales or eat deep into your profits.

5. Create payment plans

Creating payment plans gives your customers the option of breaking the cost of your product or service into multiple payments.

This technique is great for those that are selling high priced items, especially for products worth ₦100,000 or more.

You can also try it out with products that are less expensive, it depends on your target market. The trick is to make the one-time payment is cheaper than the installments.

So, if the one-time payment is a ₦100,000, if they are paying thrice or four times, the total could add up to ₦120,000.

This is to encourage them to pay once if they have the money.

6. Add urgency to your offer

While you are giving your prospects reasons why they should take the offer at all, you need to take it a step further. Give them reasons why they should take the offer now.

One of the ways to do this is to add urgency to your offer. It gives people a reason to buy now and not wait until tomorrow.

How do you add urgency to your offer?

There are two ways to do this and it is best you combine both. The answer is by infusing scarcity and a deadline.

  1. Through Scarcity: You tell them that you have a very limited number of products available. So, whoever wants to take action has to do so now.
  2. Through Deadline: You let them know that your product and service will be only available for a limited time.

For example, you can infuse a discount or a bonus and say it is only available for a certain period after which the price goes to normal, or the bonus is removed.

Bottom line

These six steps will help you create an irresistible offer if you do them right.

But one thing I need to reiterate is that your product is not your offer. Don’t expect people to buy your product just because it is good.

You need to give them a reason to. How? Through an irresistible offer.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment and let’s talk.

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Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

Oludami is the founder of RenegadeCommerce. He is certified as a digital marketing professional by DigitalMarketer HQ, Texas, and as a professional copywriter by American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI).


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