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how to get traffic online

How to get traffic

Probably the most asked question about online business…

And also probably the BIGGEST problem for almost everyone that has any kind of internet property – website, social media page/account, vlog, etc.

But does traffic really have to be a problem at all? I mean, does it have to be very hard to get tons of people to see your stuff online?

The answer is an absolute NO!

Truly, in the past we were made to believe traffic is something you hustle hard for, and spend tons and tons of years ‘building’.

While that’s still true, nowadays the situation isn’t as bad.

I’ve come to learn that there’s no such thing as traffic problem.

There can be offer problems and other types of problems in your business, but when it comes to traffic, there’s really no problem – or rather, there shouldn’t be a problem. (I think the biggest problem is the lie(s) they gave us about how to get traffic.)

The truth is: there are tons of sources waiting to give you traffic. All you have to do is go to these sources and get traffic. Yes, it’s that simple.

When you’re hungry, you buy food, or you take from the one you’ve stored. In the same vein, when you need traffic, you go and buy traffic, or take from the one you’ve stored (bought or grown).

If you’ve struggled with traffic all your life, just like me (traffic killed my last business), and you’re currently reading this article, I say welcome to your rest, dear friend. For this is where your struggle ends!

After this article, how to get traffic will no longer be your problem – unless you want it to remain so.

Bottom-line: the most effective way to get endless traffic to your business is to approach the traffic sources (or “stores”) whenever you need traffic and “obtain” (buy, beg, steal, batter, whatever!) traffic.

Note: I didn’t say the only way. I’m saying the most effective way. There are tons of other ways to get traffic – email, SEO, (organic) social media, etc – but even these are more effective when you build them with these traffic “stores”.

What are these traffic sources?

Generally, the answer is: Big sites that sell traffic. But let’s break that down into specifics.

  1. Social networking sites that sell ads

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

They’re all waiting for you to come have some traffic. Approach them, money in hand, and watch your stats explode.

  1. Search engines

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc…even YouTube (second largest search engine)…are also waiting to give you traffic. Bid on keywords relevant to your business, and catch some seeker traffic – those actively looking for what you offer.

  1. High-traffic sites

Talk about sponsored posts, banner ads, referrals and other promos you can get from a high-traffic site. You might have to pay for it or give affiliate commissions, or even trade promotions (rub my back and I rub yours) or just win some favour…whatever you can do to get in front of their audience, do it – as long as their audience is useful to your business (very important!).

  1. Big email lists

This is pure gold, and personally, I’d pay almost anything to get this kind of traffic (as long as it’s in my space).

They are often more qualified, and the benefactor takes advantage of the trust subscribers already have for the list owner. Remember, “the money is (still) in the list!”

Just like the previous point, you can get into other people’s email lists by paying, trading lists (in an ethical way, please), paying affiliate commissions, as a favour – probably because of relationship built overtime.

However you can, just find your way into a big email list and enjoy some high-quality traffic.

  1. Influencer marketing

Some people already did all the hard work and spent the time to build a massive audience or/and huge following – especially popular YouTube channels and other social media pages. Their followers love them and are loyal.

All you have to do to get traffic from them is pay, trade favours, or simply build relationships and enjoy some good ol’ media mention.

You have to be careful with this kind of traffic, though. Your offer should be just irresistible.

Now you have 5 “traffic stores” up there, and you’d agree with me there really aren’t traffic problems; it all boils down to knowledge – and mentality.

Next step? Start exploring the traffic sources listed one after the other. If you’re just starting out, and I was to recommend, I’d recommend you start with No. 1… Because it’s the easiest to start with.

“Are you saying we have to spend money on traffic?”

Yep (in case that isn’t obvious).

If you’ve sworn never to spend a dime on traffic, then sorry for wasting your time so far: you’re reading the wrong blog. Because our mantra here is: “s/he who has the ability (money, etc) to acquire the most customers ultimately wins.” Thanks to people like Dan Kennedy and Ryan Deiss!

You invest money in a business you want to see grow. And…buying traffic is part of investment. Doing otherwise is exactly why people struggle online.

However, I’m not suggesting you just throw your money blindly at the traffic sources discussed here without any proven strategy.

It’s one thing for people to visit your site, and it’s another thing for them to stick around and/or take any action while on your site. After the traffic stores have delivered your order, what you make of your traffic is left to you.

Think: good content, great offers and funnels, kickass copy, awesome design, amazing user experience (UX), etc. These will make your traffic investments worth it…and they are topics for other days.

Your aim should remain: making enough money to acquire (buy) more customers and outbid your competitors.

Now, over to you. From all I’ve written in this post, what are your thoughts? Any addition (other terrific traffic sources not mentioned) or objection, or even questions? Let’s discuss in the comments.

And don’t forget to share this post with your network…you never can tell whose life you’d be impacting.

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Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

Oludami is the founder of RenegadeCommerce. He is certified as a digital marketing professional by DigitalMarketer HQ, Texas, and as a professional copywriter by American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI).


    23 replies to "The Most Effective Way to Get Endless Traffic to Your Business"

    • seun

      this is a very nice piece

      • Oludami

        Thanks Seun!

    • Abu Aisha

      nice one

      • Oludami

        Thanks Aisha!

    • Orji gcfrDUBEM

      Wow, very interesting. You were just straightforwardly blunt with the truth. Nothing goes for nothing. Thanks, looking forward to topics on conversion after the traffic is generated. Kudos

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your comment, Orji. The truth has to be spoken as is. And of course, you’ll get so many topics that’ll move your business forward here. Do stick around 🙂

    • Ndifreke Atauyo

      Your highlight of the traffic sources has proven to generate a lot of targeted traffic, conversions, leads and sales for my list building efforts and web design nigeria niche market in the last couple of weeks. You are a great Internet marketer and I would encourage every one to read your blog posts. Thanks

      • Oludami

        Glad you are a proof that all I’m preaching works. Thanks for your kind words, Ndifreke!

    • Oyinda

      This is so cool, I must admit you are a guru. I sure will stick around cos I run a business and sure will benefit a lot from your fantastic and helpful posts.
      Kudos ????

      • Oludami

        Thanks Oyinda. Wow, “guru”. Lol.

        Glad I’ll be having you around. And will be more than glad to help you drive your business forward 🙂


        • John

          Please can you recommend someone that will help me manage the social media aspect of my business. He will be placed on a good salary. Thanks. Nice piece bro.

          • Oludami

            Hi John, social media marketing is one of our core services in RenegadeCommerce. Here are our services:

            If you don’t mind outsourcing, you are welcome. Shoot me an email:

            But if you’d prefer a full time staff, I’m not sure I know any I can recommend. Naturally, I wouldn’t recommend anyone that hasn’t gone through me, or some other trainings I can vouch for.

            And if you find a good hire, I can brush him/her up for you 🙂


    • Isah

      Nice one, God bless you indeed.

      • Oludami

        Thanks and amen, God bless you too.

    • Anthony

      It’s a good one! But if you don’t mind, I request for you to give us a training/tutorial on how to effectively use the first Ad platform you recommend.

      • Oludami

        Gradually, bro. Sure we still have a lot of time together, God willing.

        More so, the social selling training will teach you how to use the first ad platform. Do stay put 🙂

    • Victor

      All i can say is thanks for giving out this expensive secrets. God bless you for me

      • Oludami

        Thanks, Victor. God bless you too

    • emmanuel

      Great piece of information.
      Thank you

      • Oludami

        Glad you find value in the post, Emmanuel. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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