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This is the first part of 3 series in the free social selling training/mini-class. To access other parts in this series, register here:

Let’s dive right in!

Why Social Selling?

If you’ve been struggling with your business before now, that is about to change.

With the system you’ll learn in these lessons, you’ll begin to convert unlimited numbers of prospects into customers. In other words, you’ll begin to get thousands (or even millions) of people to see what you offer and you’ll be able to make them actually buy your stuff.

The opportunity is massive, and it’s like no other. You can literally launch your business, become profitable, and then scale for bigger results, all with social media.

It’s the best thing that can happen to you or your business (ANY business) in this current economic recession we’re facing.

There are basically 3 ways to keep your business afloat, especially in this period of recession:

  1. Acquire more (new) prospects and leads
  2. Convert as many of those leads into buyers (customers)
  3. Get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (or both)!

The social selling system I want to share with you here will help you achieve those 3 ways of making your business profitable. It will literally help you turn thousands of total strangers into repeat buyers (people that buy from you over and over again).

Prepare yourself for so much traffic, and also prepare to turn a large number of those visitors to your loyal customers.

Why Should You Even Listen to Me or Read Whatever I Write?

You might be wondering who I am to be able to teach you all these things or help your business grow massively. Well, let my bio do the talking:

I’m Oludami Yomi-Alliyu, a direct-response copywriter trained by the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), a certified digital marketing professional (CDMP) trained and certified by DigitalMarketer LLC, Texas, and a father to a 1-year old girl (that part too is very important 🙂 ).

I’ve been helping clients get their marketing right for about 5 years now, and I’ve worked with many big brands, both within and outside Nigeria. It’s all I’ve ever done well.

After a lot of trial and error – and learning, I killed my former business (since it wasn’t giving me the required result), kinda took a break from my law career, and focused on digital marketing – specifically on exploiting the various digital platforms out there (web, social, search, email, etc) in a way that produces unusually great results for my clients and my personal projects.

For example, I started this blog you’re reading (RenegadeCommerce) in August 2016, and in less than 3 months, I had not just over a thousands subscribers, but also made some good multiple 6-figure income – all within 3 months. That’s not to talk of the gradually growing client-base and piling student numbers, or even subscriber-base. AND…I was just testing the ‘things’ I’ve learned over the years. In fact, over 1000 people went through this same training you’re going through now.

Let me not even start talking about the results our students are getting in as little as few days after learning from us. I’ll share some wonderful testimonials with you in the course of the training.

Now, if you agree that I’m in the best position to help you grow your business massively using new media, especially social, then pay attention to what I have to say, learn, take notes, apply the lessons, and watch your business grow…and your competitors get red with envy.

What on Earth is Social Selling?

So I’ve been using the term “social selling” a lot so far, and if you aren’t familiar with this term, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly it means, or what it entails.

There’s almost no unanimous definition of social selling, in fact, it doesn’t really carry a uniform meaning amongst those who’ve dealt with the concept.

I’ll show you few definitions that I feel are worthy of note however, and then finally tell you which of them I align myself with and why.

3 Noteworthy Definitions:

  1. Hubspot:

“Social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Salespeople will provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy.”

  1. Wikipedia:

“Social selling is the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process.”

  1. DigitalMarketer:

“Generating leads and sales from existing customers and prospects on social media.”

What do you notice amongst all 3 definitions?

Here’s it: social selling is a process.

A process that involves building relationships before asking for money. They’re saying your prospects must have known, liked, and trusted you, before you can start selling to them (until they’re ready to buy).

These 3 definitions are great, but the one I align myself with (and the one this mini-class will be based on) however is DigitalMarketer’s definition: generating leads and sales from existing customers and prospects on social media. (Not because I’m a member, but because it makes more sense if you check it out.)

The difference is, while the other 2 definitions see the relationship building process as part of social selling, DigitalMarketer (DM) sees “selling” as a separate activity from relationship building.

With the word “existing” being used in the DM definition, they’re assuming you already built a relationship with these people you’re about to sell to, and they are now your prospects (those who seem like a good fit for what you offer) and even customers.

So the key lesson here is: build a good relationship with your audience, till they know, like, and trust you, before attempting to sell to them.

And that’s where most businesses make mistakes.

You meet someone for the first time online, and you’re immediately trying to sell to them.

Or you create Facebook ads trying to sell something to people who don’t know you.

Are you really surprised you aren’t getting any results? Don’t be. They simply don’t trust you enough to give you their money.

At the end of this training, you’ll know exactly how to sell your products and services successfully online. It’s the essence of this whole training. In fact, it’s the essence of RenegadeCommerce’s existence!

[NOTE: as seen in our preferred definition, generating leads (those who’ve shown interest in your offer) is also part of social selling, as you’ll see further in the strategy part of this training.

The fact that someone is giving you his/her contact information is also regarded as payment in digital marketing. And the reason is simple: such person is now more qualified than others as a prospective customer, and you can easily sell to this person down the line – anytime!

Don’t get overwhelmed yet. This is just an introduction, and you’ll become a guru soon.]

Now that we know that we can only sell to people that we’ve built a trust relationship with, how exactly do we go about that? Do we now have to spend years building trust before we make a sale?

Well, that would be a good thing to do, but for businesses that need to start earning profits immediately, there are better and easier ways of doing it. In the course of this training, I’ll be sharing a strategy that’ll help you shorten the journey.

In fact, you can move someone from total stranger to loyal customer within a very short period of time – say, same day…or even shorter. We’ll get to that later.

However, that shouldn’t replace the relationship-building and nurturing part of your business, if you want to have a sustainable business – and digital strategy.

The relationship building process definitely has its place in social media for business, and it can be found in other activities like social listening, social influencing, and social networking. However, this training is just about social selling.

And that leads us to the social success cycle.

The Social Success Cycle

social success cycle

Picture credit:

As I already said, social selling is just one part of the social media marketing/community management process. In fact it comes last in the whole process.

Unfortunately, most businesses do the exact opposite of this. They try to sell first.

Most of our updates on social media scream “buy this”, “buy that”, “X% discount”…all in a desperate attempt to sell on the social web. It’s wrong to try to start your social media activities with selling, or to make it the larger percentage of all you do on social media.

Your social media marketing must be a healthy balance of several activities that make up the social success cycle.

The social success cycle contains a set of actions that must constantly make up your social media activities in this particular order:

  1. Social Listening
  2. Social Influencing
  3. Social Networking
  4. Social Selling

Now let’s look at each component of the social success cycle.

Social Listening: Monitoring and responding to customer service and reputation management issues on the social web.

It involves actively joining the conversation about you, your brand or the market, and responding. Responding to questions, queries, praises, and criticisms is also part of social listening. You don’t just listen or hear and keep quiet.

Trust me, social listening (and each of the other activities) can form an entire training on its own. But remember, our focus for now is social selling.

Social Influencing: Establishing authority on the social web, often through the distribution and sharing of valuable content.

If content is truly king, then I’m tempted to say social influencing is the most important part of the social success cycle. But no, they are all as important as any of them.

Social influencing involves building authority by sharing useful content on social media. Could be your content or other people’s content.

This is the other most common social media activity I see people do, after social selling, albeit done wrongly. You don’t just share and share content. There are better ways to go about it.

Social Networking: Finding and associating with authoritative and influential individuals and brands on the social web.

Social media is not where you go it all alone. Or it wouldn’t be called “social”. No matter how competitive your niche is, you still must find authoritative and influential brands you can leverage on to gain leaps of advancement for your business.

Social Selling: Generating leads and sales from existing customers and prospects on the social web.

Well…that’s the purpose of this training, and that’s what I’m trying to achieve for you.

Bottom line is: no matter what you do, there must be a balance of all these 4 parts of social media in your activities. Some might be more than others, depending on your industry or market, but the most important thing is that you do all 4.

I’ll dive into the other 3 parts of the social selling cycle some other time, maybe in future blog posts, or a more comprehensive training.

But for now, let’s focus on social selling, because it’s the part most businesses get wrong. It’s easier to monitor conversations (listen), distribute content (influence), and network with influential people; it’s asking for people’s money that is hard. Do you also agree?

Will Social Selling Work for Your Business or Profession?

Finally, is this a question on your mind?

Before I give you my answer, you have to first answer these questions:

  1. Does your business need customers or clients?
  2. Do you think those prospective customers or clients use social media at all?

If your answer to both is “Yes”, then social selling will definitely work for you.

The strategy is simple. It’s about trying to convert a total (but qualified) stranger to your client or customer, just as you’d do physically. Except that this time you’re using social media, and you’d have access to millions of potential clients or customers.

So it doesn’t matter what industry you are or what market you do business in, social selling will absolutely work for you!


Now you know:

  • What social selling means: generating leads and sales from existing customers and prospects on the social web.
  • No matter what industry or market you are, social selling would work for you
  • That social selling is so powerful and can make all the difference in your business…
  • But you shouldn’t try to sell on social media until you’ve built a valuable relationship with your audience, and you’ve ensured they know, like, and trust you.
  • Some social selling strategies even make the time for building those relationships shorter (but doesn’t eliminate building relationships)
  • There are other social media activities you should be involved in, to wit: social listening, social influencing, and social networking
  • There must be a balance between all 4 activities on social media
  • Other activities will create influence and a loyal audience for you, but social selling will make you the money, hence our focus in this training

So What Next?

In the next lesson, we’ll continue our social selling journey, and I’ll talk basically about how to get your offer right.

How to know what to offer to who on social media. How to know if a particular audience is ready for the sale, or just yet ready for nurturing and freebies.

This is very powerful, and you’ll see how social selling (or generally, selling – online or off) works better when handled like normal human relationships.

You really don’t want to miss it. Keep an eye on your inbox for the announcement when the module is ready for consumption.

Meanwhile, these are things you should do next:

  1. I’m sure there are tons of questions on your mind right now. So go ahead and post them in the comments section so we can continue the discussion there. I’ll reply to as many as I can. And you should also reply to the ones you can to help others.
  2. If you’re reading this post without being officially registered for the training, then you’d be missing out on a lot of things, especially email updates on the training, freebies, and other offers that might follow. So go ahead and get yourself registered officially (and stop being a gate crasher. Lol). Here’s the link to register:
  3. Invite others who are not here to join this training. You can share this link to do that:

Hope today’s module was value for your time. Thanks for being a part of this training; it means so much to me that I’m touching hundreds of businesses with what I know. See you in the next class.

P.S.: I’m hanging out in the comments section; drop your questions, contributions, observations, objections, recommendations, etc. If you want a personalized answer to your question, that’s where you’ll get it.

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Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

Oludami is the founder of RenegadeCommerce. He is certified as a digital marketing professional by DigitalMarketer HQ, Texas, and as a professional copywriter by American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI).

    73 replies to "Social Selling | Module 1"

    • Anthony

      I love this appetizing module!
      I’ll love if modules that could be better understood with videos be made with videos, then we can task ourselves on how to download it.

      – Can one create an Ad that is targeted to a particular city of a country: Say Lagos instead of Nigeria?
      – How can one pay cheaper on facebook Ads?

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your comment, Anthony. I think I’m actually a better writer than speaker. It’s my training as a copywriter to simplify the most complex topics. (I hope I’m allowed to toot my own horn a little. Lol)

        However, future trainings or mini-classes will definitely have some video. But not this current one.

        About targeting particular cities, yes you can. In fact you can also target Mushin or Ajah (as someone asked me in reply to my email).

        As for paying cheaper ad costs, many things will determine that, especially your targeting. For example, targeting Ikeja might be more expensive than targeting the whole of Nigeria.

        BUT don’t let that deter you from narrowing your target. Because if people don’t respond to your ad (targeting the whole of Nigeria), because it’s irrelevant to them, your costs would go up and they’ll deliver your ads to lesser people (because of a low relevance score).

        Generally, targeting the wrong audience makes you pay more.

        I hope this helps 🙂

    • Feyikemi elemide

      What a nice and educative training! Thank you sir! Please my questions 1.How do we tend to acquire new prospects or better still how do we know the prospects? 2. Won’t it be time consuming trying to build relationship with audience till the point they can trust us?

      • Oludami

        Hi Feyikemi 🙂
        As I said in the post, your prospect is anyone who looks like would need what you offer. They can be identified by their activities. For example, your comment here shows you’re interested in the topic, and that makes you a qualified prospect 😉

        Anyone that reads your post (and maybe likes your FB page) is a prospect.

        How to acquire them? I’d use the word “attract” instead. Create and work on your customer avatar or persona (detailed description of who your ideal customer is) and create something of value that will interest that kind of person.

        Put that stuff of value out there, and your prospects will be drawn to you naturally.

        I hope this makes sense 🙂

        • Feyikemi

          Thank you so much!? It made a whole lot of sense!

          • Oludami

            Glad it did. You’re welcome 🙂

    • Bayoor

      What a wonderful and comprehensive lecture, very educative and an eye opener to our previous mistakes. I will like to dwell with Feyikemi Elenore’s questions. Thank you.

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your nice comment, Bayoor. I’ve answered Feyikemi’s questions 🙂

    • Adeniyi Lily

      Nice write up, I enjoyed reading through! Thank sir. My questions
      – why will targeting a smaller audience cost more than a larger audience
      -How do i target the right audience for your business
      – How do i know the right platform for social selling for your type of business since there are many social platform.
      – How do know the right day/time to run an ad

      • Oludami

        Thanks, Lily. Wow, so many questions.
        My answers:
        1. Targeting a smaller audience gets you better results than targeting a larger audience, so it’s reasonable if it’s more expensive (in the onset). But in the long run, it gets cheaper as people respond well to it and your relevance score improves. That’s where it gets better than targeting a large audience (full of visitors that wouldn’t convert to customers).

        Bottom line: you must find a perfect balance between “too broad” and “too narrow” when it comes to target audience, and this will influence costs.

        2. How to target the right audience for your business starts with profiling your ideal customers well; knowing their demographic (age, gender, location, etc) and psychographic (interests, values, goals, etc) data. And then using such data to create your target audience on Facebook. You can use a tool like to nail down your ideal (right) audience.

        3. This is something I discussed extensively in the social selling seminar and social selling ebook. Your type of business and your audience will determine the social platform you use (or start with). I can’t go deep into that here, but an example is: if your business/industry uses more of demonstration (like fitness, makeup, etc), of course, you’ll be large on videos, and YouTube, Instagram would therefore be your ideal social platform…because your audience are hanging out there, searching for tips.

        4. Testing. Testing. Testing. Only testing and tracking results can reveal this (and many other things) to you. Not all markets/industries are the same or have the same behaviour.

        Phew! Hope I was a bit helpful.

    • Sam

      Thanks a great deal for this insightful presentation.
      Well packaged, detailed and unique.

      Just want to commend your good works.
      God bless you real BIG

      • Oludami

        Thanks for the kind comment, Sam 🙂

    • Okunola

      This is a nice piece. My question goes thus : how can I convert my social friends to my clients Even when my original motive of connecting with them was not for selling purpose but after reading this I felt I could achieve something?

      • Oludami

        Thanks Okunola. I’d rather let them remain friends and go after my ideal clients. You can read this post on getting traffic:

        To convert your contacts to clients, just offer them something of value (related to your industry) and watch who goes for it. (We’ll get to this in the course of this mini-class.)

        Those who go for your offer are your ideal prospects, and you can put them in a separate segment.

        Leave others alone. You can’t force anyone to do anything, especially when it wasn’t your intention from the onset to make them clients.

        I do this a lot with my BBM and WhatsApp. I send a BC announcing a blog post or an offer. The (very) few people that click automatically become prospects. Those that take up my (gated) offer become leads. Could be 1% of your whole contacts, or less. Doesn’t matter.

    • jagbe

      Thanks a billion for the free training, i really gained a lot, in fact i think God specifically sent you to me. i have been studying online business/marketing in my little way online but my challenge is that there is hardly anything free and due to lack of funds my growth has been stunted. My question is will your traning also cover how to build website becos i have come to learn that without it you can sell anything online. thanks

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your nice comment, Jagbe. However, we won’t be covering website building or development. I don’t even build most of my own websites. I’m not that techy.

        Word of advice though; you should stop hunting for free resources at some point. It’s better to invest in knowledge, because you get more value — and result.

        There’s always something for every level. Even with $10, you’d still find something of value that’ll make bigger impact on your marketing/business.


    • Eyam

      Can building relationships on social media equal doing it physically? I still feel it can only come close if one has a website to direct traffic especially from Facebook, Twitter etc. but adding a website to your business might be an extra cost one can’t afford.

      • Oludami

        Hi Eyam, like I said in the post, you build online relationships (almost) same way you build physical relationships. There are a lot of differences, but same principles apply. I’ll explain more in the next class.

        And yes, you need a website (and other tools like email solutions) to be able to do business online. Like I told someone yesterday, trying to sell on social media without having a website is like having physical goods without a shop. Hawking doesn’t fit everyone, you know 🙂

        Finally, nowadays you can get a website for less than N10,000. Even 5k. With a $10 hosting you’ll get free domain name. And there are scores of free themes online.

        You just must be prepared to do everything yourself, which is easy btw – as long as you can commit to learning and follow simple instructions.

        So there’s no extra cost anywhere if you decide to start small.

        • Eyam

          Thanks. Am even more fired to finish this training!

          • Oludami

            Let’s do this, Eyam!

    • Umanu Peters

      Thanks a lot for this training, am inspired to start something online as a result.

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your comment, Peters. Glad I could inspire something positive in you. Let me know how it goes. Wish you the best 🙂

    • Vic


      • Oludami

        Thanks Vic 🙂

    • favour

      Thanks a million for the modules am really impressed and always ready to practice what I learnt question is this I have an idea of online shop but it seems I have to get a physical one first so please while waiting to get the physical shop can I start the build up of products that I have and others.thanks

      • Oludami

        Hi Favour,
        Thanks for your comment. Glad you’re impressed with what you’ve seen so far.

        To your question: depending on the nature of your business, don’t let the lack of a physical shop deter you from doing your business, unless it can’t be done without one. Many businesses are solely online. You can ship your products to customers from right inside your room.

        But if it’s a business where a physical shop is a must, as you’ve rightly said, you can keep developing your products and other things you’ll need. Heck, you can start marketing your business, even if it’s just to prove your idea is salable.

        I hope this helps 🙂

    • Lawrence

      Oh Dami, this is a wonderful piece. Well detailed and explanatory. Well done bro! ? I’ve always been of the opinion that when you create good content on social media, you’ll get the required attention of people and your social media subscribers and followers will grow. The only question in my mind (as I earlier sent to you in an email) is how to negotiate with companies that are willing to pay for ads on your website or content provider. Are there regulated prices for ads per viewers/subscribers or will the companies just give you whatever amount they are willing to pay? How exactly do you negotiate good payments? Or are the prices for ads just driven by market forces? I’m still working on my website and I’m sure I will get a good subscriber base cos I trust my contents. I just don’t know if I should keep focusing on creating good content while the marketing and sales of ads will come on its own. Thanks in anticipation of your response.

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your comment, Lawrence.
        You’ve answered the question: forget about money from ads for now, and focus on good content. Ads and other better opportunities will come naturally. It goes like this: create good content and you’ll attract audience; build great audience and you’ll attract money (in various forms).

        And personally, it’s not a model I use. I don’t do 3rd-party ads. I’d rather advertise my own products and services on my website, or maybe that of an affiliate. So I might not be in the best position to give you info on ad rates and negotiation. BUT trust me, that’s no problem; when you get there you’ll do just fine. Nothing says your ad rates can’t even be higher than usual. But let’s get there first 🙂

        • Lawrence

          Exactly! Dami You’re the man! I’m hooked already. I’ll certainly be here for a while following your blog and training and We’ll certainly do a lot more of social networking together. Thanks man. You’re doing a great job! Big ups!

          • Oludami

            Thanks bro, I appreciate your words 🙂

    • Seyi

      Great post Dami!

      I’ve always believed that selling and marketing in Nigeria has been long overdue in making the transition from majorly ‘interruption’ to mainly ‘attraction’ marketing.

      Attraction marketing / social selling lends itself very well to the way we are structured as a society where ‘word of mouth’ easily trumps many other forms of information sharing.

      I’m looking forward to the next module as I’m hoping it answers a key question for me: what to do to move prospects through the sales pipeline and how to know when its time to make the move to close the sale?

      Will the course also cover issues pertaining to retaining customers using social media or is that outside the scope?

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your comment, Seyi. Couldn’t agree more with your points about word of mouth and attraction marketing. Gradually we’ll spread the gospel, I believe.

        And yes, the training will cover your get question. Might not cover retaining customers as deeply as you might want, but hey, we still have time to cover that and a host of other things.

        Do stick around 🙂

    • Ogodilieze

      A very insightful and well written piece. Looking forward to subsequent parts.

      • Oludami

        Thanks Ogodilieze!

    • Opeloyeru Adam

      It’s indeed a life changing training. Just that I would have prefer a workshop,even if I am going to pay because Nothing Good comes Easy.

      Thanks for this free training and God bless RenegadeCommerceInc.

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your nice comment, Adam. God bless you and your works too.

        We did a seminar on social selling in August. Maybe you didn’t hear about it. Not to worry, more comprehensive trainings will definitely be held from time to time.

    • Isah

      I learn a lot and I appreciated. Social selling with a particular focus to online aspect will change the face of many business men most especially young people.

      • Oludami

        Yes, I agree with you, Isah. Glad you find the post useful

    • innocent

      Thanks for the info, please am into event management and coverage but have been trying to get clients through social media but they are not responding. please tell me a better way to do so. Thanks

      • Oludami

        That’s the essence of the whole training, Innocent. Do stick around, and you’ll get your answers.
        Thanks for reading!

    • Oyedele

      I feel I’m cheating you. I can’t believe I’m learning this free of charge. I just started a business newly and I believe with this knowledge i’m getting, the sky is gonna be my starting point. Thanks a lot

      • Oludami

        Lol. Thanks, Oyedele. I can send you my account number if you want 😉

        This is just the beginning though. Do stick around.

    • Anthony

      Thanks for having all the time to respond to all these comments, that’s great as I’ll ever remain your loyal subscriber. However let it not just be for the beginning of time and you later change for not being there when you’re most needed, it has happened to me most times and have affected my growth.

      • Oludami

        Thanks for your advice, Anthony. I’ll keep this in mind 🙂

    • Abioye Merilyn

      interesting topic indeed. I have tried on several occasions to launch a social media presence for my service but no progress thus far. I await consequent episodes before I will begin to fire my questions. in the mean while, kudos sir

      • Oludami

        Thanks Merilyn. I await your questions 🙂

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    • Funmi

      Hi Dami,
      Your mini training as really opened my eyes further,like I said I have been doing short courses on social media strategy…

      My question is – I have been writing every Mondays on my blog,I offer educative articles,over 30 now, I haven’t gotten any subscriber, I also share on social media and groups, the responses are low compared to my expectations…

      What can I do better? I offer free biz cons

      • Oludami

        Hi Funmi.

        What you can do better?
        1. Make your articles more valuable
        2. Put them in front of the right audience — those that are interested in what you do
        3. Send traffic to the articles regularly
        4. What are you offering to entice people to subscribe to your site? Not everyone would subscribe because you write good articles; you must offer an incentive (aka lead magnet)…something of high value for free.

        You can read this article to learn how to drive traffic to your site:

        Trust me, it’s not about how many articles you write or don’t write; it’s all about finding the right people at all cost, and offering them something they can’t refuse.

        I had just one post on my blog before I started the social selling training and published another post few days to the training. But I had a good offer and I found every means to get qualified traffic to it (FB ads, influencer’s email list, etc). And in about 3 days I got over 800 subscribers.

        It’s the law of nature: give and you shall receive in same measure 🙂

        I hope this helps!

        • Cindy

          Holy Toedlo, so glad I clicked on this site first!

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    • Naijawealthtutor

      I like this module. Thank you

    • Zaza Jether

      I just started reading this and I am already excited. I just started an online vocational training where you train people how to make different things like cake etc.We also teach them how to turn it to business. I am planning my first training next week, now how do you build a relationship with your customer? and how do I get more people to my page and make them participate?and how do i get people to trust me. without thinking I am a scam.

      • Oludami

        Hi Zaza. Sure you know this is the first module in the series. Have you read the last module? If yes, have you been able to find answers to your questions within the training (and comments)? If not, please let me know.

    • Ayo

      Thanks for the tips,learnt alot.
      Can I give you a hug or better still a yorubaic prostrate

      • Oludami

        Lol. Thanks Ayo. I’m okay with the hug 🙂

    • Tosin

      Thank you for putting this course together. I will drop my questions as I proceed through the course.

      • Oludami

        You’re welcome sir. And I look forward to your questions.

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    • […] One question I’ve been asked a lot lately is how to create content. This is mainly because I preach content marketing a lot (yes, Its Royal Majesty, Content remains king), and content is a huge part of the social selling strategy I teach (in my new book and in the #SSFreeTraining). […]

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    • Akande

      Wow! I will pile that our next class be Friday, should give us ample time to digest this one

    • Azeez Rasheed

      Kudos bro! You’ve done well. Am impregnated with questions and am gonna be delivering them one by one as we move on.

    • Paul

      I cant wait for the next class becos am interested in asking multiple questions.
      I open a fb page advert an already done job on it from google.
      I just notice that when am offline for 2 days, visitors are many than I expect and if I promote it, It bring in more audience than expected. (2 followers) and multiple Likes including the pics.
      So I will like to know the usefulness of page expecially if advertising on behalf of another company.

    • Paul

      Also full class present hope there will be class monitor. Lol

    • Ayo

      Thanks for the eye opener about social selling, will send my question after digesting this one.
      Friday is a good time for the other session.

    • moses

      This module is Whaoooooooo! It makes me understand better that you ought to give out valuable thing first before you will be given something you need in life. Thanks for this training.

    • adisa tolulope joshua

      thanks a lot for this mini class but I most say this mini class have impact more knowledge about digital marketing to me, God bless you

      founder of

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