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Marketing is one of the thresholds of any business.

To get more paying customers, you need a solid marketing strategy. It goes without saying that every marketing strategy includes paid ads.

You have to invest to bring more customers which ultimately generates more profits for you. But sometimes, implementing a marketing campaign can cost your company a lot.

So, what happens when you need to push a product or service and you do not have money to spare?

How do you go about marketing your product without spending a dime?

The good news is, this is very much achievable if you know the right channels to market through and the best way to do your marketing through these channels.

So, if you don’t have money to spare for marketing, how do you market your product without spending a dime?

How can you market your product without spending a dime?

1. Use your email list

From personal experience, this has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get people to buy your products without spending one naira.

You can get massive sales from your email list. All you have to do is write a convincing email copy and that’s all.

Here at RenegadeCommerce, there have been countless times we have used emails to launch a new product, relaunch a new product, run a promo, etc. without spending a dime. And the sales we get are mind-blowing.

But to do this, you need to first have an email marketing strategy in place. That means that you already have a list of people subscribed to your emails.

How do you get people subscribing to your email list? Through lead generation.

Once you have their contact information in place, you keep reaching out to them and engaging them, and when you think it is right, you push in your sales content.

More often than not, you are guaranteed to make sales.

To learn more about email marketing and how you can build your own email list, please read this article: How to Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

2. Encourage customer referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to get those products off your shelves.

Imagine a daughter telling her mum about this new hair product that worked wonders for her hair and you putting up an ad about that product.

Which do you think will be more effective? The daughter’s testimony about your product.

This is why you need to encourage customers to refer their friends to your product or service. You can offer incentives to your customers for every new customer they bring in.

This could be in the form of a discount on their next purchase or free access to something valuable to them.

Anything you think will encourage them to talk about your product will do just fine.

3. Increase engagement across all platforms

You need to increase engagement across all online platforms you have signed up on – whether it is email services, websites, social media, etc.

Engaging your audience helps your prospective customers to know more about your business and it helps you to know more about your audience.

This, in the long run, can translate to sales.

You need to get your audience talking. What problems do they have? How can you help with a solution? How well is your product providing the solution that they need?

Getting these answers will help you tailor your product to suit their needs.

But you do not stop there.

Engagement helps you to be in their faces as much as possible.

Every day they wake up and log in to that platform, you are there waiting for them, showing care, providing value, and more importantly, showing them a million and one ways your product can make their lives better.

Over time, if you are consistent with this, you can get these people interested in your product enough to want to try it out. Even people who have already purchased your products will come back for more.

4. Create creative and valuable content

If you want people hooked on your brand and interested in your products, create valuable content.

Your product is supposed to help solve a problem that your prospect has. Create content that puts them a step further to getting that solution.

This will keep them coming back for more.

Not only that,  you can position your product or service as the ultimate solution to their problems through their content.

On social media, you have to make sure that your content is not just valuable but also creative. The idea is to make your audience stop scrolling for a second and read, watch or listen to the content you have created.

How do you do that? by making sure your content is one that grabs attention, one uniquely different from loads of content they have to go through each day.

So, your content game has to be on point.

Play with the different types of content and see which your audience engages with the most.

Good content does not only engage your audience, but it also helps to increase your following which in turn increases your chances of sales.

5. Let the testimonials do the talking

The power of testimonials cannot be overemphasized.

People do not just want to hear what you have to say, but what other people who have used your product have to say.

You should encourage reviews and when they come in, paste them boldly on your social media platforms, Vlogs, blogpost – whatever platform you are on.

Let your audience know that this is real and other people like them are experiencing life in a new and improved way because of your product or service.

Reviews show your audience that your product or service works and they often trigger conversations that eventually lead to sales.

In conclusion,

You can market your product without spending a dime.

One thing you need at the base of everything is to get people to know that your product is the best for them.

If you already have a community on different online platforms, it makes your work easier. All you need to do is create amazing content that will convince them that your product is the real deal.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will answer as soon as I can.

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Ebibote Opetu
Ebibote Opetu

Ebi was the Content Director of RenegadeCommerce. She handled the blogs and social media platforms of RC, its subsidiaries and clients.


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