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Why you get No Customers

Your product or service is awesome and can change lives. You’ve got talents and deliver better service than most people in your industry…

But you keep wondering why people don’t buy your stuff. You’re confused because that isn’t what you expected…in fact, you thought you would automatically “sell out” immediately you launched. But no…it seems as if nobody even knows that you or your business exists.

Is it that they (customers or clients) just don’t get it? Or is it that your product or service is actually not as awesome as you thought?

I know this can be a very depressing situation, but I assure you the answer to the questions in the previous paragraph is a BIG NO! It’s not really about the product or service you offer or about the clients or customers.

The simple truth is: sale only happens when you put the right product or service in front of the right customer the right way. Yes, your product or service has to be good, and yes, you need to find the people that need it. But even at that, you’d still need to make your offer to that customer the right way.

So…What is the Right Way?


Yes, that’s what matters most in business.

Other than those moments when we desperately need something and don’t care who we get it from, most times we prefer buying stuff from those we already know, like and trust – those we feel we have some connection with.

The same way you’d trust your friend over a stranger anytime, any day, is the same way your prospects would favour businesses they like more than any other business.

So…back to answering your question: the reason people don’t buy from you or hire you is because they don’t know you or like you or trust you enough. In short, they don’t feel like they have a relationship with you – or rather, you don’t make them feel so.

See, I know this because I’ve been there severally before. I’ve launched several businesses and failed. And I’ve also enjoyed massive success in some, especially recently. So I know the difference.

Relationship is a Process.

I’m sure you can’t meet someone for the first time one day and on the same day ask that person to marry you just because you like them.

In the same way, you can’t meet someone for the first time today and ask such person for money that same day.

In the first instance the person would think you’re crazy, and in the second instance, they’ll feel you’re weird…and in both instances they might start avoiding you.


Because you’ve not yet built a relationship with them. Heck, they hardly even know you.

If you had first become someone’s friend then went on several outings or dates and got to fall in love and later met each others’ family, etc, you could easily ask them to marry you. In the same vein, if you’ve been someone’s friend for a while, it would be easier to ask them for money.

That is how relationships are meant to be. It involves some little commitments before asking for bigger commitments. And that’s how business (and marketing) is supposed to be too.

BUT…You’re Doing the Exact Opposite in Your Business!

I don’t care how much sales you currently make, if you don’t have a relationship-building process in your business then you won’t make as much sales as you ought to be making.

If all you do to sell your products or service is to keep shouting or posting “come and buy, come and buy” all around the internet, then you’re doing business wrongly.

In other words, if you keep trying desperately to sell to people who don’t know you and have never heard of your brand, you’ll only be struggling for nothing. Nobody will buy. And if you get buyers, they would be too few for you to get rich.

Asking someone meeting you for the first time to come and buy what you sell is equivalent to meeting someone for the first time and asking them to give or borrow you money – or even to marry you.

What to Do Instead?

The best way to go about business is to build a relationship with those who are most likely to buy from you, and then sell to them only after you’ve gained their trust.

It definitely takes time to build relationships, but with the speed at which everything is moving now, and with the power of the internet and social media, you can make the relationship building process shorter. I mean very short…few days or hours…sometimes even in a matter of minutes, depending on your market or what you sell.

Yes, believe me, you can make someone know you, trust you, like you, and then buy from you in such short time.

How to Quickly Build Valuable Relationships with Prospects

Here’s how to do it with the internet (the internet is still the fastest way to get so many people – millions of people – to find what you sell, so that’s what I’ll teach you):

  1. Get Attention

The first step in the relationship is to get noticed – to make your prospect know you. The only way you can catch anyone’s attention is by “showing” them what they want or need.

Just imagine you were stuck in traffic under hot sun and you’re getting very tired already and then someone shouts from afar: “cold water!” I bet you’d immediately look at the direction it came from.

You can get your prospect’s attention online with something that talks directly to their needs or desires or fears – could be a simple social media update or a blog post or a video.

  1. Give Value for Free

Now imagine it wasn’t a water seller that had the cold water but someone random that just decides to give you for free. If the person waits for you to quench your thirst and the person starts telling you about one new mobile water-cooler technology that makes your water become cold in few minutes, I believe you’ll not only listen to that person; you’d most likely buy because you’ve “tasted” what it feels like to own that technology.

You do this online by offering the prospect something of value for free; could be a free sample of what you sell or some discount to shop in your store, or even a free eBook that solves their problem.

  1. Ask for the Sale

Now that you have the person’s attention and have given them something valuable for free, it’s time to ask them to buy your stuff.

Like I said earlier, having received something for free that actually helped you from this ”nice person”, you’ll be more inclined to buy from the person, especially if it’s something related to what you just enjoyed.

That’s the same way it works in marketing; if the person likes your free sample, they’ll come back to buy the main product. If the person gets value from the eBook you gave them, you can easily go back and sell them more value.

See…this strategy works, and I used it recently to break into an industry I wasn’t familiar with and I had some good success. Made a whole lot of sales – and money.

How I Entered the Beauty Niche and Recently Got Orders Worth Over N1.1m Within Just One Week

Yes, you read that right.

Late November 2017, I decided to start selling physical products and I chose the beauty niche.

I imported some beauty products and set up a website to sell them. For a while I didn’t make any sale, and later I made a few sales…

…BUT January 21st 2018, when I launched a new campaign with the strategy I just shared with you, it was a turnaround for my business. By 28th January I had gotten orders for my product worth over 1.1million Naira, and all I spent on advertising on Facebook was $140 (about 51,000 naira).

This blog post is long already, so I can’t start analyzing how I went about it here.

But I wrote a case study of how exactly I was able to generate over 1.1million Naira with just 51k within just one week, and made it a downloadable PDF. You can download it (and own it and keep it) in case you want to see this strategy in action…the exact steps I took and even what I would have done better…and you can apply it in your own business too (no matter the product or service you sell) and start generating massive sales. Guess the good part? It’s free to download.

So click here now to download the very short case study for free and begin to rule your industry immediately:

You can thank me later 🙂

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Oludami Yomi-Alliyu
Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

Oludami is the founder of RenegadeCommerce. He is certified as a digital marketing professional by DigitalMarketer HQ, Texas, and as a professional copywriter by American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI).


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